How to Style and Maintain Your Permanent Hair Extension?

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How to Style and Maintain Your Permanent Hair Extension?

Permanent hair extensions are becoming more and more popular every year. Even those who are low-maintenance can’t resist the allure of a natural-looking makeover that they don’t have to apply themselves. In today’s blog, we will discuss all about permanent hair extensions, including how long they last, which kinds of extensions work best for different types of hair, and how you can maintain or style them after applying them.

What does permanent hair extension mean?

In the permanent hair extension procedure, a professional extensionist attaches permanent hair extensions to the natural hair for several weeks or even months before removing and replacing them. They’re ideal for anyone leading an active lifestyle because, unlike temporary hair extensions, they can be worn while exercising, swimming, and even sleeping. The application techniques differ in terms of duration and expense; they can be sewn in, clamped in with rings, glued in, or, in certain situations, a combination of several techniques.

Let’s know about the different types of hair extensions:

There are various types of hair extensions available, and we examine which type of hair extension is suitable for each hair type, and according to that, we suggest the best hair extension required for the client.

1. Tape-in Extension:

 Given their quick application and lightweight feel, tape hair extensions are among the most widely used permanent extension techniques, which comes as no surprise. They are made up of paper-thin, 4 cm-wide wefts covered in sticky tape made of mild medical adhesive. A small slice of the natural hair is attached between two tapes to lengthen or thicken the hair. Tape-ins are suitable for all hair types, from thick to thin, as they lay completely flat on the head, staying discreet in even the finest of hair. They look great on clients who like to wear their hair down because pulling the hair back into a ponytail can reveal the sides of the wefts.

Tape-in Extension:

2. Micro-rings Hair Extension:

Micro-rings are small, discrete, and can be added closer to the hairline than wefted methods; they are ideal for customers who prefer to wear their hair up. The actual hair is known as I-Tip Hair Extensions or Stick Tip Extensions, and they are among the most delicate permanent extension systems because they don’t require heat or glue to apply. A tiny strand of natural hair is threaded through a micro-ring or copper tube to attach the extension strand. The I-Tip is then inserted into the ring and secured with pliers. Because micro-ring hair extensions can be reused repeatedly as long as the hair is in good condition, they are also incredibly affordable

Micro-rings Hair Extension

3. Weaves or sew-in extensions:

 Weft or weave hair extensions are the most adaptable kind since there are several ways to apply them. A weft, also known as a weave, is essentially a broad strip of hair that can be customised into pieces that are sewn in, glued in, clamped in, or formed into unique clip-in hair extensions. Because of its thickness, a weave is the quickest way to achieve a dramatic change in length and is ideal for thick, short hair. Average to thick hair types can benefit from weaved hair extensions because they are a little less subtle and heavier than other techniques.

Weaves or sew-in extensions

How long does a permanent hair extension usually last?

Other than fusion techniques, the majority of permanent hair extensions require maintenance after six to eight weeks; this entails either removal and reapplication or just tightening and checking. There will eventually be a greater space between the natural hair and the extensions because the extensions will grow with the natural hair’s growth. It is crucial to attend maintenance appointments in order to move the extensions back up, as this may make them more noticeable or even result in matting. The quality and level of maintenance given to the hair are the only factors that determine how long the hair extensions will last.

How can you maintain your hair extensions after the procedure for a long-term result?

There are some maintenance tasks required after the hair extensions that are listed below:

1. It is recommended to brush the hair often.

Hair extensions usually get tangled just like natural hair. But with a few steps, we can avoid tangling, and the solution is brushing. Brushing your hair extensions frequently is essential if you have them. Just be careful when brushing your hair extensions. When brushing your hair extensions, be patient and gentle; the idea is to detangle without breaking the hair, just like with your natural hair.

2. Do not wash your hair repeatedly.

Let’s talk about washing your hair after that. You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered if you can take a shower with hair extensions or how frequently to wash your hair while wearing extensions.  Here’s where you want to be more carefree when it comes to washing your extensions. If you have hair extensions, we suggest washing your hair twice a week.

3. Use better-quality hair products.

Hair extensions are not usually being refilled with oil or nutrients like your natural hair; they are more likely to dry out than your own hair. This implies that you should stay away from anything that could lead to the drying out of your extensions. Sulfates have the potential to dry out your extensions, increasing their vulnerability to breakage or shedding. Thus, it’s crucial to select only hair care products that don’t contain sulfates.

4. It is recommended to oil your hair regularly.

Using oil on your hair extensions is essential to keeping them hydrated and avoiding all the problems that come with dry extensions. The quantity of hair and hair extensions you own will determine how much oil you use; however, you can always start with less and work your way up. Apply oil to your hair extensions, starting at the mid-shaft and working your way to the ends.

Now comes the real part,

Can you style your hair extension?

Yes, we definitely can style our hair extensions, but certain things are required to be kept in mind, which include:

  1. It is advised to brush your extensions regularly with a soft-bristled brush to avoid detangling.
  2. Purchasing top-notch professional hair products that are especially suggested for use with hair extensions is highly important. Once a day, use an oil or serum that is suitable for extensions to keep them hydrated. Every three to four washes, it is advised to also apply a deep conditioning hair mask.
  3. It is advised to reduce the use of heat styling as it can damage your heat-bonded hair extensions, fading the colour every time you use heat on them. Hair extensions have already undergone chemical treatment before being delivered to you, making them more brittle than your natural hair. To maintain the gorgeous and luxurious appearance of your extensions, it’s ideal if you can use heatless curling styles. It is essential to use a heat protectant on your hair if you must use a heat tool.

What precautions or maintenance are you required to take after hair extensions?

There are some restrictions you must follow if you want to keep your hair extensions longer:

  1. Throughout the normal schedule of your sleep, you probably move your head around while you’re asleep. This is why we advise brushing in the morning and right before bed, because it can occasionally result in tangling overnight.
  2. We suggest pulling your hair up in a loose ponytail, loose top knot, or loose braids before bed to lessen the amount of tangling during the night.
  3. As we have mentioned a few times, styling with heat can increase the tendency for hair extensions to become dry. Refrain from styling your hair too frequently with heat if you want to maintain the health of your hair extensions.
  4. You should also avoid wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun for several days when wearing hair extensions. Although leaving your hair up for several days at a time can be tempting at times, it can lead to excessive matting and tangling.

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