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Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Our skin is very sensitive, and in these times everyone is suffering from skin problems like acne, dark spots, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing, etc. We opt for various processes to treat them, like using different face creams, getting facials, etc., but have you ever wondered if all these really work? Well, modern problems need modern solutions in these modern times.That is why eEpiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic is here to provide you with a solution. Our clinic is one of the most advanced and aesthetic skin laser clinics in South Bengal, providing aesthetic skin treatments with ultra-modern and cutting-edge laser technologies that can safely and instantly treat any skin problems, giving you beautiful and rejuvenated skin.
So, today we are going to talk about one of our laser treatments, which is the “Fractional CO2 Laser”.

What is a fractional CO2 laser?

The fractional CO2 laser used by our dermatologist is one of the most effective ways to treat acne scars, wrinkles, pores, etc. It is a non-surgical procedure that helps treat the damaged layer of the skin through a laser made of carbon dioxide. This laser helps to give you spotless, clear skin free from acne and other skin insecurities.

How is fractional Co2 laser performed?

The fractional CO2 laser emits wavelengths into the skin by radiating high-energy laser light. When the heat is targeted at the particular skin, it helps to eliminate damaged skin cells and encourage collagen production. You can also improve your skin’s laxity and expose your skin’s natural radiance. The heat produced by the laser warms up the skin’s outer layer and removes unwanted impurities from beneath the skin.

What benefits does a fractional CO2 laser provide?

The skin benefits that fractional CO2 laser therapy provides include:
1. It can help treat wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.
2. It can treat acne scars.
Skin conditions like skin warts, birthmarks, and rhinophyma
3. It can also treat oil glands.

Is this laser treatment painful?

You might feel a prickling sensation in your skin at the time of the treatment, so yes, it involves minimal pain. But there is nothing to worry about, as your treated skin will be numbed with local anesthesia to reduce any further pain during the procedure.

When can you see a visible result?

To see the visible result, you are required to do 6-7 sessions, approximately.

Are there any side effects involved?

Though the treatment is safe, there might be a risk of these side effects:
1. You might experience redness in the skin.
2. Swelling may occur.
3. Sometimes scabs are likely to develop in the treated area.
4. Hyperpigmentation also occurs sometimes.
But there is nothing much to worry about, as these side effects are not permanent and will disappear over time with the proper care and advice of the dermatologist that you are required to follow post-treatment.

Is fractional CO2 laser therapy safe?

The treatment provided through fractional CO2 lasers is 100% safe and suitable for all skin types.

Do you require any downtime after the treatment?

In fractional CO2 technology, the tissue that is located underneath your skin is still found during the treatment, mostly in the microthermal zones where heat is probably transferred, and because of that, the non-damaged tissue provides protein to the skin cells and instantly heals the skin, which results in no downtime. You can continue your everyday work without any stress.

Who is ideal for fractional CO2 laser treatment?

The following people are suitable to do the above procedure:
1. If you are suffering from an accidental or acne scar, this treatment is suitable for you.
2. If you are facing age-related signs or pigmentation, you can opt for this treatment.

Who is not ideal for this treatment?

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is not ideal for everyone.
1. If anyone is suffering from breakouts, they are advised to avoid this treatment.
2. People with any skin allergy or infection should also avoid this treatment.
3. If you have diabetes, this treatment is not suitable for you.

What aftercares are you required to follow?

After the treatment, you are required to follow these after-care instructions:
1. Always apply sunscreen to your skin before going out into the sun to protect it from sun damage.
2. It is recommended to avoid using any harmful or chemical products on the skin and use a gentle moisturizer.
3. Try to use less makeup if possible.
4. Try to avoid applying water to the treated area for at least 3 days.
5. Apply fucidin ointment to the face.

In conclusion, Epiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic is the best and most advanced laser clinic where you can get the best skin treatments through fractional CO2 lasers, which provide treatment with the utmost safety under the guidance of the best dermatologists. So, visit our clinic now and experience the best result ever, as well as flawless skin.

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