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Permanent Nail Art


Nails are as important to us as they help us show our true personalities by the way we keep or design them. It somehow portrays how professional we are or how we manage ourselves. That is why taking care of them is really important. You can show your love for nails through trimming, filing, or sometimes doing a manicure and pedicure or painting them; it’s up to you how you treat them. Sometimes people opt for nail arts as a way to express themselves or to show their creativity. We used to simply paint our nails and do manicures and pedicures, but as time has changed, so has our fashion sense. Yes, we can portray our fashion through not only our dressing style but with our nails too! After all, every body part needs value.

What does “nail art” mean?

Nail art is similar to artwork. It beautifies your nails by designing and painting them in a different way that helps you show your style.

Why is permanent nail art a great option to choose?

Nail arts are definitely a great option to choose. In this boring world, it’s really important to do something innovative and fun, so let’s look into some reasons to choose nail arts:
1. It is definitely a creative way to express yourself or your mood in whatever way you want.
2. It can act as a form of self-love when you take time for yourself and give your nails a creative look. It really shows your love for yourself.
3. It actually makes you happy. Happiness can be found in little things like painting or designing your nails; they instantly boost your mood.
4. It can be a great way to productively pass your time.

How is nail art done?

Nail art is done in the following ways:
1. You’reat first, your nail will be cleaned; if any old nail polish is still on your nails, it will be removed.
2. Your nails will be trimmed so that doing nail art will be easier.
3. A basecoat will be applied to your nails. It is necessary to apply in order to protect your nails from any damage that might occur while doing nail arts.
4. Nails will be painted or designed the way you want using different materials.
Along with nail art, you can opt for nail extension options, which we will discuss below. Nail extensions are great options because they not only give your nails a gorgeous look but also act as a protective shield for your natural nails without causing any damage to them.

What does nail extension mean?

In these modern times, nail care is evolving as nail extensions are becoming more popular. These are fake nails that combine polymer powder and liquid monomer. It is usually applied to your original and natural nails, which make them stronger and longer as well as act as a protective shield.

What are the different types of nail extensions?

There are several types of nail extensions, which include:
1. Acrylic nails: These nails are formed of acrylic glass, which is combined with liquid monomer. This quickly transforms into its solid form. You can also apply nail polish, colors, etc. to acrylic nails to give them a finished and colorful look. It stays for up to 21 days, approximately.
2. Gel nails: Gel nails are also used as nail polish. It gives a glossy touch to your nails and stays on longer compared to regular nail polish. They are usually accustomed to ultraviolet light.
3. Nail tips: these are another option that is inclined with your original nails and helps to extend the length of the nails as well as help to create more nail designs.

How long the results are likely to stay?

The nail arts are likely to last for 2 weeks or sometimes longer if taken proper care.

What after-cares are you required following after a nail art procedure?

There are a few points that you need to remember after doing nail art:
1. You should wear gloves on your hands while washing to protect your nails from harsh detergents.
2. It is better to wear gloves while doing household chores to prevent any kind of damage to the nails.
3. Use hand cream after washing to make your skin soft.
4. Use nourishing oil on your hands to keep the nail bed nourished and healthy.
5. Try to use acetone-free nail remover because it doesn’t cause any harm to the nail.
6. Don’t pick or scratch the nail art.

In conclusion, visit Epiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic and give your nails a beautiful transformation safely with permanent nail art and nail extension services, and express your style with our wide range of nail design options.

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