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Permanent Eyeliner


‘Eyeliner’ the important part on makeup but the most complicated part. You definitely know the struggle of applying perfect eyeliner to both eyes in one try. But, still, we keep on trying  because it helps us to look more attractive as it makes our eyes look bigger and more symmetrical, and it also enhances your eye color.

But is putting eyeliner on every day harmful? Well, it doesn’t cause any damage to the eyes, but applying it every day and moreover closer to the eyes can create problems as the bacteria in the liner pencil can get inside your eyes and damage them. More often if you have sensitive eyes.

So, how can you give yourself beautiful and sharp eyes without the need to apply liner every day and save your time as well? eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic have a way to make it happen, and that is “Permanent Eyeliner Makeup.”

What is permanent eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner is a way to put pigment under the lash line. It offers various styles according to your preference.

How is it done?

At first you are advised to consult with your doctor and inform them about the type of liner, the Style, the color you are trying to achieve. Before the treatment, we will numb your eye area to avoid any pain and discomfort. The process of applying eyeliner is done with a pen-like tool that helps to inject pigment into the lash line, which gives a permanent makeup look. After the whole Procedure your eyes will be washed with sterile water in order to keep the eyes clean from any Particles of ink that can cause infections afterwards.

How many different styles of permanent eyeliner makeup are provided?

There are four different types of eyeliner styles you can choose from:
1. Lash enhancement is a type that gives a delicate and soft look on the lash line.
2. Winged eyeliner is another great option, as it helps to give an uplift effect on the eyes. It gives an extended look from the corner of the eyes to the end of the eyebrows.
3. Butterfly eyeliner: It helps to give you a bold look that gives a shading effect on the lash line.
4. Shaded eyeliner: It helps to give you the “smokey eye” effect on the lash line.
You can even choose different colors of your choice, like blue, green, black, purple, etc.

How long does the whole procedure take?

The whole procedure takes nearly 2 to 3 hours, approximately.

Is it really permanent?

It can definitely give you a long-term result, but it is not permanent as it can fade over time. That’s why it is advised to give touch-ups to stop it from fading. The result can last for up to 3–5 years, approximately.
And a touch-up is needed mostly after a year to maintain the deep look of lipstick.

Is it painful?

The above process is not painful at all because the eye area was already numbed before the treatment. But, it usually gives you a tickle sensation.

Is the process safe?

Yes, the process is completely safe, as eyeliner is not applied at all in the wet line or the corner part of the eyes, which helps to prevent any infections. Moreover, the eyes are closed during the whole process.

Does this process include any side effects?

Though the procedure is quite safe, it does include certain side effects, which are listed below:
1. You might experience  some swelling.
2. Itching,
3. Burning sensation
But, all of these side effects are for a certain period and will disappear after some time.

What should I avoid before the procedure?

1. You are advised to about direct sun- rays into the eyes,
2. Don’t do any heavy work or exercises before the procedure.

What aftercare do you need to follow?

1. You are advised not to apply water to the eye area for at least 5 days.
2. Also, you should not apply any makeup to the eyes for a week and avoid rubbing your eyes too much.
3. It is recommended to avoid direct sun into the eyes for at least 4 week.
4. Avoid alcohol consumption.

Therefore, permanent eyeliner makeup is a great option to choose in our busy lives, as it saves us both time and the panic of having to do perfect eyeliner in both eyes equally. But, on the serious side, it also helps us avoid using harmful products. So, if you want to achieve beautiful, sharp-looking eyes without any complications,  “permanent eyeliner makeup” can be your savior!

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