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Ombre Powdered Brows

Ombre Powdered Brows

Eyebrows are not only considered to be the most beautiful feature of your face, but also an important part, as they help our eyes stay clean and protect them from dirt and light.

More importantly, people with thick eyebrows are considered to be more attractive. It also refines your facial structure. But what if you have thin eyebrows that don’t make you feel good? There are several reasons for having thin eyebrows, and they are:
1. Certain infections and skin problems can cause thinning of the eyebrows.
2. Hormonal fluctuations,
3. Stress,
4. not having enough nutrition,
5. Thyroid,
6. Pregnancy,
7. Aging can also cause thinning of the eyebrows.

So, if you also wish to have a thick, natural, and perfect eyebrow, then let me tell you that your wish has been manifested!
eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic is introducing you to the best and safest technique named “Ombre powdered brows”.

What does ombre powdered brows mean?

Ombre powdered brows are like permanent eyebrows that help you give them a brown shade and make the eyebrows look fuller. If you are tired of always giving a touch-up to the eyebrows before going out and are always worried whether it will fade or not, then worry no more when you have this permanent solution. It is done through an ombre powder machine.
Permanent eyebrows can be done through microblading, which injects pigment into the skin through the use of tiny needles. But these two techniques are done according to the skin condition of the person to be treated. So let’s understand who is suitable to do each of these techniques.

Who is suitable to do ombre powdered brows?

People with any type of skin are suitable, but especially oily skin gets more benefit from this treatment. As well as people with dark-haired eyebrows can use this treatment without any doubt.

How much time does the whole procedure take?

It takes nearly an hour for the whole procedure.

Are there any side effects in ombre powder eyebrows?

There are not many side effects, but you might experience:
1. Redness,
2. Itchiness,
3. Dryness
But all of these are for a temporary period and will heal over time.

Are the results of ombre powder eyebrows permanent?

The results are permanent, but you may need some touch-ups after maybe 15 days. It is done to keep the color of the eyebrows from fading. It is not necessary but advised to do so for the permanent effect of the eyebrows.

Does the treatment involve any hair problems?

No, the ombre eyebrow treatment doesn’t create any damage to the hair.

What after-care is needed in ombre powder eyebrows?

You should not apply water to the eyebrow area for 3 days consecutively. You should avoid wearing makeup, just like drawing eyebrows with a pencil must be avoided. You are also advised not to rub your eyebrows, as it can cause problems.

What changes can you see after the treatment?

After the treatment on the first day, you might notice that your eyebrows are getting darker than usual, which is completely normal. Then you can feel redness in the brow areas. After some days, your itchiness might increase, but it is advised to control yourself from rubbing the eyebrows. On the eighth day, your eyebrows will look more natural, and the deep color will fade at this point in time. Finally, you will notice the disappearance of the itchiness, and the peeling skin will be gone.

What advantages can you get from ombre powdered brows?

1. This treatment will make your eyebrows look fuller and more prominent, which will help you be more expressive.
2. Ombre eyebrows give a longer-lasting result as compared to microblading.
3. Ombre powdered eyebrows are less painful compared to microblading.

In case you are searching for a way to make your eyebrows look beautiful and more expressive, ombre microblading is the right choice for you. Eyebrows play an important role in our overall face; they make the eyes look more attractive as well as help us express ourselves. But not everyone has perfectly shaped eyebrows; that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve them. Well, you do, and that is why ombre powdered eyebrows were introduced to help you achieve those perfect brows.

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