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V-Shape Face Lifting

v-shape face lifting

Face is an attractive feature of our body . Face does hold power. No matter how much we say looks don’t matter, on the practical side, it does. It is the first thing we tend to notice when meeting someone. But, the good part is that there is nothing wrong if we do prioritize faces; it’s completely normal. Face should not only be prioritized that’s true, but it adds on the list too. Apart from the face, the shape of it plays an important role as it helps to define our features prominently and even helps to style our hair too. Even experts say that a person’s personality is known by the shape of their faces. Well, the truth is still not certain, but we can conclude that face shapes do have an impact.

There are a total of 7 types of face shapes, which include:

1. Oval shape,
2. Round shape,
3. Square shape,
4. Diamond shape,
5. Heart shape
6. Pear shape and,
7. Oblong shape.

Every face shape is beautiful on its own. But, in recent times, the V-shape has become the most popular and desirable shape, and the reason behind it is that it portrays delicate and ladylike beauty and makes you look younger than your age.

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What does a V-shape face look like?

V-shape faces are also known as v-line faces,” and by the name we can conclude that the face looks like an oval-shaped face with a keen chin and a sharply defined jawline. It makes our faces look tight and young.

Why V-Shape face lifting is popular nowadays?

The ultimate reason for the popularity of the V-shape face lift is the rise of K-culture. Most of the k-pop idols’ faces are V-shaped, which has become the beauty standard. The youthful and prominent faces made us crave this shape too. It has become popular gradually all over Asia.
So, how can you fulfill your desire for getting a youthful and prominent V-shaped face instantly without any surgery?
Well, worry not; we provide you with the ultimate, best, and safest option, which is called “V-Shape Face Lift” But how does that work? Let’s understand the procedure properly.
You can achieve a V-shape face through the “Doublo Gold HIFU” machine.

How Doublo Gold helps in this lifting?

Doublo Gold is a machine that utilizes High Intensity Ultrasound Technology (HIFU), which makes the skin tighter and eliminates fat from a particular area. It doesn’t include any surgical procedures and is used on the face and body. The ultrasound from HIFU helps to infiltrate the three layers of skin but targets only one layer of skin so that a V-shaped face can be easily achieved. Doubloon Gold not only helps you give a V-shaped face but also helps improve the laxity of the skin.

Another technique that is used here to give you a rejuvenated V-shape lift is “Thermage.”.
Thermage is a radio frequency therapy that makes the skin look tighter and contours the overall face. The frequency helps to produce new collagen in the skin through heat, thus improving the skin’s condition. It mostly improves the saggy skin on the neck, cheeks, and eyelids. It is a less invasive procedure.

What advantages can you get from this procedure?

Through this lifting procedure, you can experience these advantages:
1. With V-shape face lift, you can get back the tightness and plumpness of the skin, which somehow we lost due to age and other factors.
2. It helps build volume in the chin.
3. It makes the jawline look sharp.
4. Other than that, it makes our lips and nose look more natural.

How much time whole procedure takes for V-Shape face lifting?

The whole procedure of V-Shape face lifting takes an hour.

Is this process painful?

V-Shape Face Lift doesn’t include any pain as it is a non-invasive process that helps to improve the texture of the face.

Are the results of V-Shape face lifting permanent?

Yes, the results from V-Shape face lift are permanent. You can notice the results after only one session, but the results might take approximately 1 month to become visible.

Is there any side effect included in the V-Shape Face lifting?

No, there are not any side effects included in this procedure. It is a completely safe procedure.

How many sessions are required for V-Shape face lift?

V-shape facelift requires three sessions a year to maintain your facelift. After each year, it is possible that your number of sessions is decreased and you don’t need to take any more sessions as you can achieve a youthful look permanently.

What after-care is needed?

After the V-Shape facelift treatment, you are advised to maintain your skin at home with pro-face wash, sunscreen, and night cream as per the advice of the doctor.

Beauty doesn’t have any standards; it’s up to us how we want to view and feel about ourselves. If a little change in appearance can attract self-love, then it’s not wrong to change a bit, as long as it’s for your own sake. So, if you are the one craving to give yourself a beautiful and youthful Look V-Shape face lift is the ultimate option to choose. Let’s embrace your feminine power. 

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