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Acne Removal Treatment


Acne is a common skin condition that has the ability to impact our self-esteem and make us feel insecure about ourselves. Though it is completely normal to have acne, if it has become a reason for your embarrassment, you can definitely opt for acne removal treatment only at eEpiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic, which provides you treatment with the safest and world-class technology like Alma Q Laser and PicoSure Machine. But first, let’s talk about:

What is the cause of acne?

Acne occurs due to the following reasons:
1. Acne is developed when the hair follicles get stuck with oil and dead skin cells.
2. When the skin produces excessive oil on the skin.
3. Bacteria and pollution may also cause acne.

What are the different types of acne?

1. Papules: Papules are like the small bumps on the skin; they are quite painful.
2. Blackheads:Blackheads are the bumps that look like a dark spot containing excess oil and absorb the dust.
3. Whiteheads: Whiteheads are small bumps on the skin that are white or yellow in colour. It usually occurs when the oil is collected in the skin and clogs the pores.
4. Cysts: Cysts look like a swollen lump, which occurs because the liquid in the body creates dead white blood cells. It is yellowish or white in colour and sometimes results in scars.
5. Nodules: Nodules are the raised and shaped lumps that occur deeply into the skin and are quite painful.
6. Pustules: Pustules look like red bumps with a combination of white and yellow colour. It swells over time and can cause pain to the skin if it is touched constantly.

How can you treat acne with acne removal treatment?

Acne removal treatment is done with our latest technology, the Alma Q Laser, which helps target laser light into the pigmented skin. The fractional Q-Switched laser emits pulses into the skin and eliminates acne-causing tissue. It helps to make your skin texture smooth and also removes dead skin cells, giving you a clear complexion and exposing your skin’s radiance.
The other technique that can also help you get rid of acne and is provided by our clinic is the cutting-edge technology PicoSure Laser, which is one of the safest and most effective treatments that is FDA-approved for treating scars. It delivers high energy into the skin and causes breakage in the acne-causing tissue in tiny pieces. The pressure radiating from the laser is minimal, and it encourages collagen production by making your skin texture smooth and healthy.

Do you need to endure any pain in acne removal treatment?

Acne removal treatment with Alma Q is quite painful, which is why a local anaesthesia is given before the treatment to numb the treated area so that you don’t have to endure any pain during the procedure.
But, acne removal treatment with the PicoSure laser doesn’t require any anaesthesia, as the procedure is not at all painful.

Are there any side effects involved in acne removal treatment?

The Acne removal treatment is overall a safe process that doesn’t involve many side effects. You might get mild side effects, which include:
1. Redness,
2. Irritation,
3. Itching.

But the above side effects are temporary and will disappear over time.

Is the result permanent from acne removal treatment?

The result of acne removal treatment through Alma Q and PicoSure laser is long-lasting, and you are required to do at least 6–8 sessions approximately to get the permanent and visible result.

What precautions are you required taking after the acne removal treatment?

After the treatment, you are required to follow these precautions:
1. The acne treatment is a quick procedure that doesn’t involve any downtime, so you can continue your everyday activities.
2. Avoid going out into the sun.
3. Use SPF regularly to protect your skin from the sun.
4. Don’t use retinoids for a certain period of time.

Is acne removal treatment suitable for everyone?

Acne removal treatment is suitable for every skin type and complexion. People with ageing signs, skin moles or skin tags, and dark patches are highly suitable for this treatment, which is executed with the Alma Q laser and the picoSure laser.

What are the advantages of acne removal treatment through lasers?

The advantages you can experience through these treatment involves:
1. It helps renew your skin cells.
2. Improves skin texture.
3. Treat ageing signs.
4. Remove acne scars.
5. Evens out skin complexion.

What aftercare do you need to follow for acne removal treatment?

1.  After the acne treatment, you need to take extra care of your skin by using face wash, sunscreen, and night cream on the skin as prescribed by the doctor.
2. Avoid touching your face to avoid spreading any germs onto the treated skin.
3. Avoid using much makeup for a certain period of time after the treatment.

In conclusion, choose Epiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic to safely and effectively remove your acne problems through our latest and cutting-edge laser technologies and uplift your skin confidence.


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