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Body Contouring or Reshaping

Body Contouring

Body reshaping, means contouring body as you desired. Body Reshaping, is a surgical or medical operation that tries to remodel a specific body part. Body reshaping, sometimes referred to as body sculpting, is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates pockets of fatty tissue. Additionally, it tightens skin without surgery in specific body areas. There are several reasons why you have excess body fat or loose skin.

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What does body contouring or reshaping entail?

Body Contouring is also known as Body sculpting which is done through non-surgical procedure to eliminate specific body fat. It might entail operations to:

  1. It helps to remove excessive fatty skin
  2. Remove any excess fat.
  3. Contour the specific body part.

Typically, body reshaping doesn’t aid in weight loss. Instead, it encourages in body shaping and addresses particular regions where weight reduction is ineffective or where excess skin has developed after major weight loss.

What Various Forms of Body Contouring/Sculpting Are There?

Liposynthetic body contouring is non-surgical. There are various approaches to Lipolysis:

1.Cryolipolysis, including such CoolSculpting, uses comparatively low temperatures to kill fat cells.

Deoxycholic acid is injected into the body during injection lipolysis in order to target fat cells.

2.Laser lipolysis (such as Zerona) employs lasers to eliminate fat cells.

3.Radiofrequency lipolysis, such as truSculpt, targets fat cells with heat and ultrasonic vibrations.

The outcomes can change occasionally

The following surgical techniques can be used to sculpt the body:

1.Tucks and lifts: These procedures remove excess skin and fat which includes facelift , breast lift, double chin surgery, and a tummy tuck.

2.Liposuction: Liposuction which helps to removes fat deposits from the body.

Techniques and Methods for Body Contouring/Reshaping Surgery:-

There are several sub-operations that are part of body contouring procedures, including the following:

Face lift:-

It is a surgical procedure that offers the patient significantly younger-looking skin and changes the way their face looks. Women who lack a sharp jawline, have wrinkled skin around their neck, or just have loose skin on their face and neck are candidates for facelift surgery to improve their appearance.

A general anesthetic is first given to the patient before the facelift can begin. An incision at the temples and on the lower scalp is made to start the procedure. To give the face a consistent appearance, extra skin is removed from the facial area, and fat is redistributed. Additionally, a cut may be done below the chin to remove the wrinkles that give the neck a bulky appearance. The skin is then carefully sewn over the surgical incisions to cover them and create a consistent appearance.


Women’s breasts continue to alter as they age and experience other life events, including pregnancy and weight fluctuations. Over time, the breasts lose their firmness and flexibility. Breast-lifting is a cosmetic procedure that changes the contour of the breasts without growing them larger.

You will be connected to an oximeter and a heart monitoring device after being placed on the surgical table. Your vital indicators, including your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, and breathing rate, will be recorded. This is done to make sure you don’t respond to an anesthetic improperly. The oxygen saturation in your blood, also known as the oxygen content in your hemoglobin, is what the oximeter gadget measures.

To make the patient unconscious, general anaesthesia is administered. The person has an intravenous drip hooked up to their arm to administer fluids and medications. Either the area around the areola or the region between the nipple and the breast crease is cut. Repositioning of the areola and nipple. When the breast tissues are altered, firmness and shapeliness are attained. Deep breast tissue incisions are used to hold the newly formed breasts together.

Tummy tuck:

Also referred to as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery gives the stomach a more shaped appearance, especially when the patient has a lot of fat deposits residing there. Women put on weight and lose their previous figure after giving birth. For some women, this procedure is the best option. Additionally, surgery is performed on obese patients with excess fat deposits. The patient is placed on the operating table and given general anaesthesia before the procedure can begin. The region between the belly button and pubic hairline is where the first incision is performed. Thus, the extra fat that has been deposited there is eliminated. repositioning and shifting the belly button. After the muscles are toned, the abdominal skin is sewn.

Arm Raise:

Women who have drooping skin on their arms may benefit from an arm lift, also known as a Brachioplasty. The skin surrounding the arms is tightened by this technique. Women who undergo this operation can appear leaner thanks to their slimmer arms. If you are in good health, have a strong immune system, and are not too heavy or too light in weight, you are a good candidate for this procedure. Additionally, you have a 100% chance of having a better surgical outcome after having an arm-lift if you don’t smoke.

Prior to surgery, the surgeon chooses the regions to be operated on and their length. Incisions are made on the back or inside of the arm, incisions are made. The area is tightened and smoothed out once the relevant fat has been eliminated. The wounds are closed with stitches that either fall out on their own after a few days or must be removed by a doctor.

Anterior thigh lift:-

Thigh lift procedures are available for people who have loose, sagging skin after undergoing various weight loss procedures, not just those who have extra fat in various body areas like the thighs and buttocks. Women with stretch marks and loose skin after weight loss surgery should consider a medial thigh lift as a treatment. It is not a surgery that is just performed on women; men also undergo it.
The patient receives general anaesthesia before the surgery. To avoid any infection during surgery, antibiotics are also administered by intravenous drip. Both the inner and outer thighs’ fat deposits are suctioned out of the thighs’ predetermined locations. After installing drains in the thighs to avoid fluid buildup, the incisions are then stitched together. You are then sent to the recovery room.

Reduced body lift:-

When you have thin layers of fat deposits dwelling in lower body areas like the waist, buttocks, and thighs, among others, a lower body lift is a recommended option. If your pregnancy has left you with loose and unattractive skin around your waist, you may also be a candidate for a lower body lift. On the torso, incisions are created so that the chosen location lies underneath the incision area. Tissues in that location are tightened and extra fatty pockets are eliminated. For optimum results, a lower body lift is combined with a medial thigh lift or a tummy tuck. 

Side Effects:-

  1. Scarring
    2. Wounds
    3. Excess Fluid
    4. Internal Bleeding
    5. Over exertion contouring



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