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Laser Melasma Removal

Melasma Removal

Melasma is a common type of skin problem that happens mostly to women than men. It usually happens to pregnant women, and the other reasons are because of a sun tan. It looks like faded gray or brown spots on the skin. It happens due to the occurrence of melanocytes in the skin, which produces melasma and creates pigmentation. Also, people with dark complexion usually experience this.

Some other causes of melasma are genetic issues and people taking medications like birth control pills.

The areas of the skin where melasma usually occurs are:

1.The nose
2.The cheeks
3.The upper lips 

Body parts like


Is melasma a permanent skin disease?

It depends for some people. It can last for only a year and for some it stays for the rest of the life. So, in case it is permanent, it is definitely recommended to use the laser melasma removal treatment.

Is melasma problematic?

Though it is not problematic or harmful, it can affect you mentally due to the appearance of the skin and make you lose your confidence.
So, what if you want to get rid of it so that it does not affect your mental health or self-confidence? There is a way, and that is “Laser Melasma Removal Treatment” which you can get at eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic.
In the past years, it was quite impossible to treat melasma, and it was hard to find the reason behind it. But, thanks to the new technology, new types of treatments have been introduced, and we can now easily diagnose the cause and type of particular problems.

How does the Alma laser help in melasma removal?

It is done with the help of an Alma-Q laser machine.
So, the Alma-Q laser helps to break the melanin of your skin into smaller pieces and remove the pigment through the skin by using the light sensation of lasers.

Some other techniques that can be used in melasma removal other than lasers are:

1. Intense pulsed light laser: This technique uses light of different wavelengths and selects the area of your skin that is pigmented and helps in removal.

2. Chemical peel: A chemical peel is used to remove the pigment of the melasma-affected skin.

How long do these removal processes take?

The process usually takes 20 minutes, not more.

Are the results from this treatment permanent?

Yes, the results from these treatment is permanent. But, before you can visibly see the result, you need to do 5–6 sessions.

Is this treatment painful?

No, it is not painful. You can easily get relief in the safest way possible.

Is there any possibility of side effects from the treatment?

1. Redness
2. Itching
3. Swelling might also happen.

What after-care you need to follow?

Apply sunscreen, face wash, and night cream as per the advice of the doctor. You can apply serum in addition if it is advised to you.
 In addition to that, you need to follow some precautions so that your melasma removal treatment does not fade after some time, and those are given as follows:

1. Sun protection is a must.
2. Therefore, it is recommended to wear hats while going out.
3. Wear sunglasses
Most importantly, use sunscreen regularly with an SPF that is suitable for you, which your therapist can properly recommend.

Therefore, treat any skin problems if they become a hazard for you and never let your confidence loose for a moment. If you are stressing over the problem of melasma, always remember that there is always a solution for every problem.

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