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Brown Spot And Sun Damage

brown spot and sun damage

A clear and fresh complexion is a dream for many people, but it’s not their reality. There are some people who are suffering from unwanted dark spots, sun spots, brown spots, etc.

What are brown spots?

Brown spots are also known as solar lentigo or age spots, and they mostly occur due to the ageing process. They appear as flat and oval and are mostly dark brown in colour. The areas where you can mostly get them are on your hands, face, shoulders, and back.
So, today we are going to talk about the causes of brown spots and sun damage and how you can treat them at the Epiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic. First, let’s understand the reason behind the formation of brown spots:

Why do they occur?

Brown spots on the skin occur due to the excessive production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is a skin pigment that balances our skin’s, hair’s, and nails natural colours. The more our skin is exposed to UV rays, the more it produces melanin, which leads to brown spots or sun damage.
The other reasons include:
1. Sun exposure
2. Hormonal fluctuation
3. Genetic issues
4. Ageing
So, what is the solution? Worry not; Epiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic offers you a solution through Advanced and Ultra-Modern Technologies Like Alma Q Laser and Pikosure.

How is the brown spot treatments executed?

The treatment is executed through advanced technology like Alma Q Laser, which is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat any skin condition like dark spots, pigmentation, acne, etc.
Alma Q Laser: It helps to destroy the extra melanin by emitting high-frequency laser light into the skin without causing any damage to the skin. It helps to make your skin smooth and blemish-free. The high energy radiating from the laser can effectively eliminate many skin spots, including liver spots, birthmarks, angiomas, etc. Alma-Q gives your skin a radiant look; the whole procedure takes nearly 15 to 25 minutes, but it depends mostly on the condition, size, or colour of the spot.
There are other techniques available that can help you get rid of brown spots easily, and those include:
Cryotherapy: This therapy helps to eliminate spots by freezing the skin, which helps to peel the dark skin off the body and damages the extra pigment in the skin.
Intense pulse light (IPL) Treatment: This treatment helps to lighten your skin’s complexion by emitting wavelength energy into the skin, and it also helps to absorb the brown spot pigment and damage it through the pulses emitting from the laser.
PicoSure Laser: This is one of the most effective treatments for treating brown spots, as it uses intense light pulses that reach deeply into the skin surface and destroy the pigmented spots. It is a safe procedure that does not involve any damage to the surrounding skin.

How do you know that a brown spot or age spot on your skin is cancerous?

You can identify whether the spots you are having is cancerous or not by its appearance:
1. If the spot on your skin is asymmetrical,
2. If the borders around your spot are not regular in shape,
3. If the spot’s color is uneven or has more than one shade,
4. If the shape of the spot is bigger than usual,
5. If the spot is itchy or changing its appearance over time,
It’s important to see a dermatologist and remove the brown spot as soon as possible with our brown spot treatment before it turns out to be cancerous.

Are there any side effects involved in this treatment?

After the treatment, you might see these possible side effects, which include:
1. You might experience some pain after the treatment in the treated area.
2. A blister might appear,
3. A little redness or swelling is possible after the procedure.
4. Sometimes your spots appear darker and the surrounding skin gets lighter.

When can you see a visible result?

The results can be seen within 1 week, approximately, as the spots start to fade. But you are required to do 4-5 sessions approximately to get the permanent results.

What after-care is needed?

  1. You are required to follow home care instructions after the treatment, which include applying face wash, sunscreen, and night cream as prescribed by the doctor.
  2. Avoid going out into the sun for at least 6 weeks.
  3. You can continue your daily activities, as they don’t include any down time.

Now, you can treat any skin spots safely and through the latest technologies only at eEpiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinicas our clinic provides aesthetic laser treatments with the utmost safety along with recommendations of home care products that can give quick results.

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