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Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement


Breast enhancement refers to the process of altering the size, shape, or appearance of a person’s breasts. There are various methods and procedures for breast enhancement, both surgical and non-surgical, depending on an individual’s goals and preferences. It’s important to note that the decision to pursue breast enhancement should be carefully considered, and individuals should consult with medical professionals to discuss their options and potential risks.

At eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic, we deliver Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement Treatment.

Here are some common methods of breast enhancement:

Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation is a non-surgical procedure that involves using one’s own fat cells to contour and lift the breast size.

Ultrasonic Liposuction process is used to transfer fat cells to the breast area that helps to give you the desired breast appearance.

Benefits included in Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation:

  1. It is a safe procedure.
  2. Own Body fat is used to improve the breast size.
  3. This procedure gives the breast a natural-looking appearance and doesn’t make it look hard.
  4. Ensure faster recovery.
  5. Breast augmentation with liposuction is not restricted to improving the breast appearance but also contour the figure.
  6. Result can be seen within few weeks.

Breast Lift:

This surgical procedure is designed to lift and reshape sagging breasts. It doesn’t significantly change the size of the breasts but can improve their position and contour.

Benefits of Breast Lift Treatment:

  1. The vampire breast lift gives the breast a lifted appearance similar to wearing a push-up bra.
  2. Improves blood circulation and prevent wrinkles and scars from breast.
  3. It is expected to experience long-term result.

Breast Vacuum Suction Devices:

These devices create suction around the breast area, which some claim can stimulate breast enlargement. However, their safety and effectiveness are a subject of debate, and improper use can lead to tissue damage.

The benefits included in Breast Vacuum Suction:

  1. Improves blood circulation.
  2. Collagen elasticity is improved.
  3. Drooping muscles are lifted.

Breast Enhancement Bras and Shapewear:

These specially designed undergarments can create the illusion of larger or more lifted breasts by using padding, underwire, or push-up designs.

Breast Massage:

Certain massage techniques are said to stimulate blood flow to the breasts, which may lead to temporary swelling and enhanced appearance. However, scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of breast massage for enlargement is limited.

Hyaluronic Acid or Filler Injectable:

In some cases, hyaluronic acid or other dermal fillers may be injected into the breasts to add volume temporarily. However, this method is not permanent and may require regular touch-ups.

Laser Therapy and Radio frequency:

Some non-surgical techniques use lasers or radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin around the breasts, which can improve their appearance.

Benefits include in Radio frequency treatment:

  1. Improves collagen production.
  2. Liquefies fat cells and contours breast shape.
  3. Tightens the skin around breast.

Breast Enhancement Exercises and Diet:  

Certain exercises target the chest muscles (pectorals) and may help lift and firm the breasts. While they won’t increase breast size significantly, they can improve breast appearance by strengthening the underlying muscles.

Common side effects in Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement Treatment:

  1. Redness and swelling are common to occur after the procedure but it will get better over time.
  2. After the procedure the patient might experience soreness in the treated area.
  3. It is recommended to consult to the doctor, if these side effects last longer than usual.

Precaution or After-care Required to Follow after Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement:

It is recommended to avoid strenuous activity after the treatment.

  1. Avoid running or jumping for few days after the treatment in order to prevent breasts bouncing.
  2. Minimal Downtime is required for a week.
  3. Avoid sleeping on stomach for a month.
  4. Massaging breast can be helpful if you want to reduce scarring, but it should only be done if recommended by the doctor.
  5. It is recommended to follow the instructions thoroughly as prescribed by the doctor post treatment.

Why you should consider choosing Non-surgical Breast enhancement?

Non-surgical Breast Enhancement is safe to choose as it doesn’t involve any cuts or incisions. Also there is low risk of infections involved. Therefore, you can easily achieve a lifted and toned breast with non-surgical breast enhancement treatment.


It’s crucial to approach breast enhancement with realistic expectations and to consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making any decisions. They can help determine which method, if any, are appropriate based on individual goals and physical characteristics. Additionally, they will provide information about potential risks, recovery, and long-term outcomes associated with each option. Always prioritize your health and safety when considering any form of cosmetic procedure.

Remember that any decisions related to breast enhancement should be made carefully and with consideration for your individual needs and preferences. Your body is unique, and the choices you make should reflect your own desires and comfort. Ultimately, the goal is to feel confident and content in your own skin, whatever that may mean for you.

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