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PRP Hair Treatment

platelet-rich plasma therapy

A good and healthy head of hair is a dream for many people. Good hair helps us feel confident and lets us be the main character of our lives. That is why we choose to take care of our hair by spending money on different hair products. But, still, we suffer from hair loss, damage, and baldness.

Why does that happen?

Well, hair loss is so common nowadays and definitely not a good thing. It’s the least one could expect or want at any age.
1. The common reason for hair loss is stress, which has become a part of our lives.
2. Sometimes hormonal changes could be a reason too.
3.  Aging is also a factor in hair loss.
Hair loss on a regular basis can lead to baldness. So, how can you escape from your worst nightmare of losing your precious hair? eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic always provide you with a way that can save you from your insecurities; this time your insecurities about baldness can be removed too! We are introducing your ultimate savior “PRP Therapy”.

What does PRP therapy mean?

PRP Therapy is an ultimate technique to get rid of hair loss where an individual’s blood is taken, refined, and then injected into the scalp through injection. It helps promote hair growth by supplying blood to the hair follicles. thus improving the hair condition. Platelets are usually blood components that help the skin stop bleeding when it cuts and encourage healing. That is why PRP is used in order to grow hair again by injecting the area and turning hair loss into hair growth.

How is PRP therapy done?

PRP therapy is done through the following processes:

1. At first, blood will be taken from your arm and shifted into a machine like a centrifuge that helps separate liquids.
2. Your blood will be divided into three layers after 10 minutes: ppp, PRP, and red blood cells.
3. In the last process prp is inserted into an injection and applied into the scalp area where hair lacks.
After the injection process, protein and biotin applications are needed. Our hair includes keratin, which is a protein needed for healthy hair production. Therefore, after the above-mentioned process, biotin injection is added to help produce keratin, thus creating strong and healthy hair.

Light therapy for hair loss:—Low-level laser therapy is also used for treating baldness and hair loss. It’s a safe treatment for sure that helps to restore the growth of cells in hair follicles, thus increasing the flow of blood in the scalp.

Are the results from PRP therapy permanent?

To see the visible result, you need to do at least 10–12 sessions. It is required to do maintenance as per the advice of the doctor.

Are there any side effects included in PRP therapy?

The PRP therapy is safe, as the blood that is injected into your scalp is your own, which avoids the risk of any infectious diseases. But, still, you can expect these side effects: Injury to the nerves,You might bleed during the process if not done  carefully. Headache,
But these side effects are temporary and will heal over time.

Who is eligible to do this therapy for hair loss?

  1. If you are in the early stages of hair loss, this treatment is the best option, as you can expect good results.
  2. If you have sun tan on the scalp because of the exposed skin due to thin hair, PRP Treatment gets difficult to show results.
  3. Pregnant women should wait a while before getting
  4. PRP treatment, as drawing blood from your body can affect your blood pressure.
  5. PRP therapy is suitable for both men and women who are suffering from hair loss or balding patches.

Do you have to endure any pain in this therapy?

This treatment doesn’t include any pain, as you don’t need any numbing cream before the treatment.

What after-care is needed ?

You can maintain your hair by applying hair oil, shampoo, or hair solution as per the doctor’s advice. You are advised to take a supplement for hair growth daily.

In conclusion, PRP therapy is the best option to choose when it comes to effectively stopping hair loss problems and can give you safely increased hair growth by making the texture of your hair smooth, healthy, and voluminous. Your hair also deserves the protein that this treatment can ultimately give.

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