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Laser Hyper Pigmentation Removal


“BEAUTY,” this six-letter word, holds so much meaning for different types of people that no one has ever been able to define it, but still wants to justify it by having their own standard. But it doesn’t matter until and unless one feels confident about themselves, but what if your confidence drops because of some unwanted spots and hyper pigmentation that you want to get rid of not because of the fear of other people’s judgment but because of your own? Then eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic provides you with a solution and that is “Laser Hyper pigmentation Removal Treatment”.

What is Hyper Pigmentation?

Hyper pigmentation is one of the most common problems nowadays and is also known as “dark spots.” It can occur in any part of the face or body. The common reasons are age, sun exposure, hormonal changes, and maybe skin scars can cause hyper pigmentation. And another reason is melanin, which plays a major role in our bodies. It balances the natural color of our hair, eyes, and skin, but whenever the melanin increases, it causes hyper pigmentation, which ruins the overall balance.
Therefore, if you are struggling with hyper pigmentation problem, the treatment mentioned below can help you get rid of it:

So, how does Hyper pigmentation treatment is carried out?

The whole process of Hyper pigmentation is done with a laser. The Alma-Q laser machine helps to peel off the spots from the depths of the skin by using heat from a Q-switched laser. The laser uses a beam of light, which helps reduce the hyper pigmentation.
Now, you may wonder if it is safe or at what age it will be suitable for the person to receive treatment.
Well, people with the age of 18 or over are eligible to do the above Hyper pigmentation treatment. Also, people with permanent dark spots are surely advised to not waste a single moment and get ready for the treatment to give them clean and spotless skin instantly.

Let’s take a look at the different types of hyper pigmentation removal treatments.

There are various options to choose from; whatever is suitable for you, feel free to do so. And if you get confused, remember to consult your therapist, who will be able to give you proper advice according to your skin type and problems.
The first option you may choose is:
1. Face acids help exfoliate the skin, which removes unwanted dark spots.
2. Chemical peels: This is another great option to choose if you want to remove spots or hyper pigmentation from a particular area. It uses the stronger concentration to reduce spots from the epidermis, which is the upper layer of the skin.
3. Chemical peels are suitable for people dealing with spots from sun tan  andmelasma (melasma happens due to extreme sun exposure, pregnancy, stress, or sometimes genetics too).
4. Laser peels: This treatment offers a good option for every skin type. People with fair skin tones can use ablative lasers, which use an intense laser technique. Whereas, the non-ablative lasers are more suitable for people with dark complexions as they slightly darken the skin tone, but there is nothing to be concerned about as your therapist will use the laser according to your skin tone. But the non-ablative one helps to tighten the skin.
5. Intense light pulp therapy: It uses lasers like non-ablative ones that incite the growth of collagen in the skin. It might take a couple of sessions to have a complete and clear glow. This is more helpful for people with wrinkles.
6. Lightening creams: Lightening creams are also another option which will be given according to your skin type provided to you by the consultant. It is advised to use the cream once at night, as long as it is prescribed by the therapist.
The overall process of treatment might take about 25 minutes, approximately.

The result: 

The visible result after hyper pigmentation can be seen after 3 sessions.
Now, let’s have a real talk about the side effects that you might face after the hyper pigmentation treatment, which are: redness, irritation, and swelling of the skin. It is also possible to face eye problems due to the improper use of lasers on the skin while removing hyper pigmentation. That is why you should choose the right and trustworthy therapist for the treatment.
Still, we provide you with some aftercare for hyper pigmentation treatment that will protect you from the side effects:
1.It is advised to avoid going out without taking the protection of sunscreen.
2.Also use face wash, and Night cream as per the advice of the therapist.

Lastly, it is an advice to everyone to not be afraid of the sudden and unexpected changes and always be ready to have a complete glow up and get rid of any insecurities of unwanted spots through “Laser Hyper pigmentation Removal Treatment”.

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