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Male Breast Reduction/Gynecomastia


Are you among those men who have breast problems and are getting insecure about their looks? Does it make you feel stressed, and do you have to face embarrassment on a regular basis? Well, say no more to this embarrassment, as eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic has introduced you to a great and safe technique called “male breast reduction treatment.”.

First Let’s Understand About What Does Male Breast Mean & Why Does That Happen?

Male breasts are the result of increased breast gland tissue and are also known as gynecomastia.
The reason behind male breasts:

1. Most of the time, the reasons are connected with an increase in body fat.
2. Another reason could be when the hormonal testosterone, which is the part of the male body that helps to gain muscles and produce blood cells, is decreased and the amount of estrogen that gains muscles in women is produced at high levels in men, causing gynecomastia.

Who Is Common to Get Gynecomastia?

Anyone, like babies, boys hitting puberty, and old men, can suffer from male breast problems. But there is a reason behind the growth of male breasts in each of the mentioned people, so let’s learn about them individually:

1. Gynecomastia can happen to babies because, after their birth, the mother’s estrogen stays connected with their blood for a short period of time.
2. Teenage boys can also suffer from this problem due to hormonal changes in them.
3. Older people have this problem when their testosterone levels decrease rapidly.
4. Other than this, if you are dealing with these health problems, you can also suffer from male breast problems:
5. If you have tumors in the adrenal gland area, you are likely to get effected by gynecomastia, which involves hormonal fluctuation.
6. People with thyroid problems
7. People with kidney problems who are on dialysis can suffer from hormonal imbalances.
8. People with liver failure also deal with these problems, as the disease also affects hormones.
9. Sometimes people who have poor nutrition in their bodies also get affected.

Is having gynecomastia dangerous?

Gynecomastia is not at all dangerous, but you might feel pain sometimes. If you are wondering if it involves any risk related to cancer, then no, there’s not much risk of developing cancer; the chances are very low.

What You Might Feel If You Are Dealing With This Problem

1. You might feel a painful sensation.
2. You might feel a sensitivity in your nipples.
3. The breast area might get swollen.

How Can Men Reduce Their Breast Size Easily With Male Breast Reduction Treatment?

1. You can get rid of your unwanted fat areas through the cryolipolysis technique, where you can easily give yourself the shape you want.
2. This helps to remove the fat cells in your body. It is done through a cryomachine.

How Does Cryolipolysis Work for Male Breast Reduction?

At first, your doctor will apply a gel to the area to be treated to give the skin a cooling effect. After that, the cryo technique consists of a device that looks like a vacuum. Machines will be applied to help in the suction of the fat areas, which will help to absorb the fat cells. It will only target the specific areas where fat will be removed without affecting other areas like nerves or muscles.

What Experience Will You Get During the Male Breast Reduction Treatment?

You will get a pinching sensation in your treated area, but you won’t have to endure much pain during this treatment. Your therapist will give you a massage after the procedure to help break up the frozen tissues.

Are the results permanent in male breast reduction treatment?

Yes, the results are permanent. But you need to do at least 5–6 sessions to get effective results.

What Are the Common Areas Where You Can Get CoolSculpting Therapy?

1. Upper areas as well as the lower abdomen
2. Arms
3. Chin
4. Back fat
5. Thighs, etc.

Does male breast reduction treatment involve any side effects?

The treatment overall is safe, but you might experience:
1. Redness
2. Swelling
3. Tingling sensation
4. Pain in the treated areas
But this is for a short period, and you will heal over time.

Who Is Eligible for Male Breast Reduction Treatment?

Not everyone should undergo this treatment. Only people who want to remove the extra fat from a specific area are eligible for the treatment. It is not a treatment that will help you treat obesity or give you the perfect body. Only extra fats that can be pinched are useful for this treatment. Also, if you are prone to colds, then you must avoid this treatment, as this whole treatment is involved with cooling technology.

You can easily get rid of your insecurity about gynecomastia through our safest method, “male breast reduction.” Treatment and live freely, doing any activities you want to do without feeling embarrassed or hiding yourself from everyone, because we always have a way to break any insecurities if we want to!

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