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Laser Birth Marks Removal


Birthmarks are a common part of our bodies; some people have them while others don’t.
It is maybe not a big deal for some people, or maybe it is because it is unwanted, making someone feels insecure, or maybe there is another reason, like myths, which most people still believe. Myths like some people say birthmarks signifies mortality, whereas others say it happens to a child when their mother feels a strong emotion, or maybe people with birthmarks can predict the future or have a special personality, etc.But if we look at the scientific side, then we will get to know that:

1. Birth marks usually happen when blood vessels are not created properly, as in the case of vascular birth marks.
2. There is another type of birthmark that is called a pigmented birthmark, which occurs because of the cells overgrowth.

So, if you want to get rid of Birthmarks to avoid the unwanted attention or to stop people from thinking you are a soothsayer (someone who can predict the future) or simply because of your own personal choice, then we have a way that is called “Laser Birth Marks Removal Treatment” only at Durgapur’s first high-end laser clinic eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic.

But, how would you know what kind of birthmark you have in order to have a proper treatment? Let’s educate ourselves on this:
As we know, birth marks are of two types: “vascular birth marks’ and ‘pigmented birth marks.” So these two types of birthmarks are divided into three kinds, which are given as follows:

 Vascular Birth marks have:

1. Hemangiomas: This type of birthmark is pink and red in color and occurs on the face. It occurs just a few months after birth but soon disappears.

2. Salmon patches: These types of birthmarks are also pink or red in color but are flat and are more visible when the baby is crying. It slowly disappears over time. This occurs on the face and the back of the neck.

3. Port wine stains: These birthmarks changes color from pink to purple and can maybe get darker as the child grows older. This can be permanent.

Pigmented Birth Marks have:

1. Café au lait spots: This looks like a tan and is much darker than the natural skin color. It occurs anywhere on the body and is usually permanent.

2. Mongolian spots: This looks like a bruise and is grayish blue in color. Thisbirthmarks appears mostly on the buttocks and lower back, but this is not a cause for concern as it disappears through the day.

3. Congenital moles: This occurs straight from birth and can be flat or raised up. Most of them are permanent.
Now, let’s move on to the way to get rid of the Birth marks that is through the Treatment.

What treatment is applied for Birth marks removal?

The Birth marks removal treatment is done through an Alma-Q laser machine. The Q-switched laser helps remove the birthmarks with a slight sensation.

How much time does it take for Birth marks removal?

It usually takes half an hour.

How much time is needed to see the visible result after birth marks removal treatment?

Unfortunately, the result cannot be seen instantly. It takes some sessions to fully see the result. You can notice the disappearance of the birthmark within a couple of sessions and is permanent too.

But is the Birth marks removal process harmful?

Definitely no; it is one of the safest procedures and is not even painful.
It’s definitely worth doing this treatment without any worry of risk. If you want to achieve a Clear skin without any unwanted Birth marks then this treatment is definitely for you.
But if you don’t have any problems regarding your spot but you still wonders whether your Birth Mark is harmful or not? Then, let’s have a look at what type of birth mark is harmful so that you can immediately remove it.

Congenital Birth marks if it turned into a larger melanoma then it can Increase the risk of skin cancer.

That is why it is needed to consult a doctor and inform yourself about the type of birthmark, and if it turns out to be dangerous, make sure to opt for Birth mark removal it as early as possible through the Alma Q laser technique.

Therefore, birthmarks are definitely not an ugly part of your body. It can be perceived as A  beauty trait too but if you feel the need to remove it and give yourself a clean look Then there is nothing wrong in it, also if it is turns out to be harmful for your body then It’s a must do treatment.

Remember to change yourself for yourself”, only at eEpiderma Cosmetology and laser clinic and get the best, safest an innovative laser treatments with the ultra-modern and state-of-the-art-technologies. 

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