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Laser Dark Spots Removal


Dark spots are the reason for low self- esteem for so many people. We want to hide ourselves from the unwanted attention because of the dark spots, which are completely normal, but they have become a reason for insecurity, and people won’t stop talking about the way they make you look different. But eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic provides you with Dark spots removal Treatment. So, let’s discuss dark spots,their reasons for appearing and the process about laser dark spots removal.

What are dark spots?

Dark spots are the dark patches of the skin that appear darker than the other parts of the face or body and are also called hyper pigmentation. This usually happens because of the increased amount of melanin, which makes the skin tone darker than usual.

What are the common areas where dark spots appear?

Dark spots usually occur on:
1. Face,
2. Arms,
3. Hands,
4. Forehead,
5. Shoulders,

Who are more likely to get Dark spots?

Anyone can get dark spots. People of any gender, of any age, or of any skin type can get dark spots.

Why do dark spots appear?

The main reasons of dark spots are because of increased amount of melanin production on the skin and this happens due to:
1. Sun exposure,
2. Age,
3. Genetics,
4. Hormonal fluctuations,
5. Pimples,
6. Pollution etc.

What are the different types of dark spots?

Dark spots are classified into different types, and they are:

1. Age spots or sun spots: This happens due to overexposure to the sun, which in turn results in an increase of melanin.
2. Moles: Moles can sometimes turn out as dark spots of various sizes and colors.
3. Post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation: Sometimes the aftereffects of the acne can cause dark spots as it increases the pigmentation of the skin.
4. Melonama: This refers to the development of skin cancer, which occurs due to the UV rays and makes the skin appear darker than usual.
So, now the main questions is how can you get rid of dark spots and say goodbye to your insecurity:

 How can you get rid of dark spots with dark spots removal Treatment?

Dark spots can be removed through Alma Q lasers:
Alma Q is the most effective treatment for dark spots and pigmentation, as it uses a beam of light on the pigmented area to remove the dark spots effectively.

How many sessions do you need for dark spots removal to get permanent result?

For dark spots removal, you need to do at least 5–6 sessions for a visible and permanent result.

What aftercare do you need to maintain after dark spots removal?

You need to maintain your skin by applying face wash, sunscreen, night cream, and moisturizer as prescribed by the doctort.

Are there any side effects in dark spots removal treatment:

There are not many side effects in this laser treatment, but you might need downtime for at least 1-2 days, which means you are not allowed to do certain aggressive work like in your normal life. You need to take care of and maintain your skin and get back to normal within the mentioned time period.

Who can do laser dark spots removal treatment?

Anyone who is suffering from dark spots is totally allowed to do laser dark spots removal treatment without any worry.

What are the precautions you need to follow after dark spots removal?

You are advised to protect yourself from the sun for a certain period of time after the laser treatment. You should also avoid using heavy makeup, and you should not apply pressure to the skin.

What are the other techniques you can go for other than lasers for dark spots removal?

1. Chemical peels: The chemical peel is used to remove the layer of the skin that is filled with dark spots through a chemical formula and helps in fading the appearance of the spots. Also, it makes the texture of the skin smooth.

2. Microneedling: This is another technique that is used as dark spots removal because it uses tiny needles. It helps improve the collagen of the skin, but it is advised to choose a good doctor to do this treatment. If not done with care, this can cause scarring to the skin.

How can you protect your skin from dark spots if you do not yet have them?

You are advised to use sunscreen on a daily basis before going out into the sun.You should not use any unnecessary makeup products that are not suitable for the skin.

Is it necessary to treat dark spots?

It’s definitely not necessary to remove dark spots. It is completely your choice whether you want to keep and embrace them or remove them as per your own personal choice. But, sometimes, when you keep the dark spots as they are, they spread on the skin, and if you decide to remove them after they have spread, it becomes difficult to remove them as they take up most of your skin.

Lastly, dark spots are common skin problems, but they have the ability to affect your mental health. But not anymore, as we are providing you with the safest technique to remove dark spots through, “laser dark spot removal treatment”.

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