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Laser Permanent Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal treatment

Tattoos are somehow one of the interests many people have to enhance their beauty and have confidence in themselves. Tattoos are done for various reasons, like spiritual reasons, to look stylish, to express something, sometimes for protection, or to indicate something. People also tend to use tattoos to hide scars from surgery or any other insufficiency. But, what if one wants to get rid of it after a certain period of time due to personal or work reasons? Then eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic have a way to remove it, which is “Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment”.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment ?

A tattoo is removed with a laser that helps remove the pigment of the tattoo with a high-intensity beam of light. Therefore, the Alma Q laser machine is used to remove the tattoos as it is helpful in removing darker ink as it breaks the particles of the ink. It provides the safety needed. The alpha-Q lasers are very helpful in treating new and old tattoos effectively. The lasers are very powerful and help in removing various colored tattoos.

What Do You Need To Do For this treatment ?

You need to consult with a trained professional who can advise you on the process of the treatment. Don’t make decisions randomly.

How Many Sessions Are Needed For this treatment ?

You might need a couple of sessions, like 6-7, but it totally depends on the ink, age, and size of the tattoo. It also depends on the color of your skin.

Is The Result Permanent ?

Yes, the results are permanent, but you may need to do a couple of sessions if your tattoos are larger than usual. After every session, it is guaranteed that you will notice the tattoo lightening.

What is the Procedure?

  1. A protective eye shield will be given.
  2. At first, your therapist will see your skin condition and, according to that, will adjust the laser intensity so that it is suitable for your skin.
  3. The therapist will use intense light that will pass through the skin to absorb the tattoo pigment.

Do You Need To Apply Any Cream Or Take Any Precautions Before the treatment ?

No, there is no need to apply any cream or anesthesia before the tattoo removal treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects ?

The above treatment is completely safe, but you need to remember these points before doing laser tattoo removal:

  1. You might get a permanent scar in the treated area if it is not done with precautions.
  2. You can get rid of your tattoo for sure, but deep-ink colored tattoos might not fade easily. Black and blue-ink tattoos are removed easier than other colors.
  3. Your tattoo skin can either get lighter or darker than the other parts of your body.

What Advantages Can You Get From the treatment?

  1. The results are very effective.
  2. Though you might get side effects like redness, your skin will recover within a short period of time. You just need to protect your skin from the sun.
  3. It gently removes the entire tattoo area or the specific areas.
  4. Beside some temporary side effects, the laser tattoo removal is completely safe.

Who Can Get Rid Of The Tattoos Easily?

  1. People with black ink tattoos can get rid of the tattoos easily.
  2. Smaller tattoos fade easily.
  3. Older tattoos are removed easily.
  4. Tattoos near the heart are easier to remove than those on other parts of the body.

Who Should Avoid this Removal Treatment?

  1. People with new tattoos must wait for at least 6 weeks after the tattoo placement, but after that, they can try the tattoo removal process.
  2. If you have skin allergies, you must avoid the tattoo removal process. If you still want to remove it, you should consult with your doctor first.

Is it Painful?

The tattoo removal process is not very painful, but you might feel a snapping into the skin because of the laser pulse.

Tattoos are beautiful in their own way, and we often make decisions in a rush to get a tattoo and look cool, but sometimes we regret doing so and wish to make the tattoos disappear. But, now, your wish has been granted by us through “Laser Tattoo Removal.” Worry no more, and there is always a second chance to improve your regrets.

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