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Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrows are considered to be the most important and attractive feature in one’s face. It has many benefits, as it gives a definition to your face, shapes your eyes, and prominent and shaped eyebrows can make you look younger than usual. A right eyebrow shape also has the power to hide your flaws, like small or asymmetrical eyes.

But, unfortunately, not everyone has perfect or thick eyebrows, so in order to achieve that, we aim for eyebrow makeup to perfectly fill, shape, and give a natural color to your eyebrows. But, what’s the point? It is not even permanent, and moreover, it doesn’t even give you a natural look. So, what can you do to get beautiful, perfect, and thick eyebrows naturally? Well, eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic provides you with an advanced and safe solution known as “Eyebrow transplantation.” Let’s understand this treatment a bit more:

What does “eyebrow transplantation” mean?

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure that helps to give you fuller eyebrows or replace your thin eyebrows by taking your own hair from the back of your head and transplanting it into the brows.

How Eyebrow Transplantation procedure is done?

At first, your doctor will apply general anaesthesia to your eyebrows to reduce any pain or discomfort during the procedure.
For the eyebrow transplantation procedure, the hair grafts are taken from the back side of your head or beyond the ears. The doctor will make tiny holes into the donor site (the area from where hair follicles are taken for eyebrow transplantation) and the recipient site (the area of the treatment) and then transfer the hair follicles from the donor site to the recipient site, i.e., the eyebrow, and make them look full and thick.

What are the advantages from Eyebrow Transplantation?

The advantages you can get from eyebrow transplantation include:
1.People with thin eyebrows can adapt this eyebrow transplantation procedure and achieve thicker, fuller eyebrows.
2.People with faded eyebrows can naturally get dark eyebrows through eyebrow transplantation.
3.You can get rid of conditions like alopecia areata or scars with brow transplantation.
4.The best part is that you don’t need to do eyebrow makeup anymore to fill in your brows.

What are the possible side effects?

The eyebrow transplantation includes some of these side effects:
1.Swelling might occur after the procedure,
2.Scarring on the eyebrows might occur,
3.Sometimes bleeding is possible during the procedure.

Who are not suitable for this procedure?

Eyebrow Transplantation may not be suitable for everyone. If you have these conditions, you are advised not to have eyebrow transplantation:
1.If you are suffering from alopecia areata, you should not do the above treatment.
2.If you have any bleeding problems, the treatment might not be suitable,
3.If you are having any issues regarding cosmetic surgery, eyebrow transplantation is not for you.

Are the results permanent after this procedure?

Yes, the results are completely permanent, and you can see the visible growth of your brow hairs within 2 months. The healing period is rapid, and you can get back to your normal daily activities after a few weeks of the treatment.

How much time does the whole procedure take?

The whole eyebrow transplantation procedure takes approximately 2–3 hours. Although you don’t need any extra sessions for this procedure, only one session is required.

What you might experience after this procedure?

After the eyebrow transplant procedure, it is possible that you will notice some blisters around your eyebrows after a few days, which is quite normal and will disappear after some time, but it is advised not to pick or scratch the blisters.

The new transplanted hair will fall out a few weeks after the procedure, which is totally normal as it indicates the growth of new brow hairs.

Is the procedure painful?

Eyebrow transplantation is not very painful, as general anaesthesia will be provided to you before the procedure. Therefore, it is a safe and less painful treatment.

What after-cares are you advised to follow?

There are some after-cares that you need to follow after the eye brow transplantation procedure:
You are advised not to touch or pick your eyebrows too often.
1.You are advised to gently wash your eyebrows with mild shampoo and not rub them aggressively.
2.Protect your eyebrows from sun exposure by wearing a hat whenever you go out.
3.After the eyebrow transplant, your brow hairs will grow rapidly, just like the hair on your scalp. That is why it is recommended to trim your brow hairs regularly.

How do your eyebrows look after the transplant?

After the eye brow transplantation, your eyebrows will appear crusty for a few days, but soon after, they will look completely natural and fuller, as well as give your brows the perfect shape.

In conclusion, eyebrow transplantation is the safest and quickest way to shape, define, and achieve fuller eyebrows permanently with minimal side effects. It’s time to increase your confidence with beautiful and prominent eyebrows through eyebrow transplantation and the only place you can trust is eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic.

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