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Female Hair Loss Treatment

female hair loss treatments

About 50% of women are suffering from hair loss problems. Though hair loss is a matter of distress, it is a natural process in humans. Some reasons that can lead to hair loss include:

1.Genetics issues
2. Stress
3. Hormonal fluctuation
4. Not getting enough protein
5. Medical conditions like chemotherapy
6. Androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness)

But now your stress about your hair loss will be solved as eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic   is providing you with various advanced and safe female hair loss treatments that are listed below:

1. Hair Transplantation in female hair loss treatment

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation is a procedure where the surgeon takes the hair follicles from your own skin, usually from the backside where you have hair in your head, and moves that hair into the bald area to fill it. For this procedure, a total of 2000 hair grafts are implanted.
FUE Hair Transplantation for Hair loss is executed by giving anesthesia to your treated area, after which tiny holes are made in the scalp to transplant the hair into your bald area.

How many sessions are required for female hair loss treatment with hair transplantation?

Only one session is required to completely cover the bald area on your head.

Is the result of this hair loss treatment permanent for females?

The result is definitely permanent, and you can see the visible result within 4 months.

Are there any side effects included?

There might be mild side effects, including:

1. Swelling
2. Infection
3. Itching or
4. A crust might occur on the scalp.
5. It is common that the newly transplanted hair will fall off after 2 weeks, which indicates that new hair will grow eventually.

2. LLLT Treatment (Low Level Laser Therapy) in female hair loss treatment

LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is a procedure that helps treat hair loss conditions as well as baldness. It is helpful in improving the scalp’s blood circulation. The procedure is done by emitting a ray of light that produces a wavelength on the scalp, which encourages hair follicles to grow in the area that needs hair. This procedure is safe and has no side effects.

How many sessions are required for this hair loss treatment?

You are required to do 10–12 sessions to see visible results; you may need to do maintenance if suggested by the doctor.

Is the result permanent?

The result is permanent, but as mentioned above, 10 to 12 sessions are required for a complete result.

What advantages can you notice after LLLT hair loss treatment?

1. It helps treat hair loss problems.
2. Provides nutrients into the hair to make them stronger from the roots.
3. It is a non-invasive procedure and doesn’t involve much pain.

How many sessions are required for visible results?

You are required to do 10–12 sessions for a complete result.

Are there any side effects included?

The treatment is safe as your own blood is injected into the scalp, but it is possible there might be some side effects that include

1. Nerve injury,
2. Headache,
3. Dizziness,
4. Bleeding might occur during the process if not done carefully.

3. Protein/Biotin Treatment in female hair loss treatment

Protein (or biotin) is like a vitamin for your hair, which helps to give nourishment. It gives hair strength and reduces hair loss problems. It also helps to get rid of dandruff problems and dryness.

At first, red light therapy is given, which uses laser light to give radiation rays into the tissues of the scalp, encouraging hair growth on the weak cells by the absorption of the rays from light. After the light therapy process, micro-channeling is done for hair growth into the scalp, which helps to renew damaged hair follicles and improve the collagen of the skin. Through the microchanneling process, the circulation of blood increases, which helps to improve the follicles, thus providing nutrients needed for hair growth. After that, protein or biotin is injected into the scalp to grow healthy, strong, and new hair and remove the dullness and dryness from the hair.

How many sessions are required?

You need to do at least four sessions. But, in total, 7-8 sessions are required to completely treat hair loss and improve the texture of the hair.

Are there any side effects included?

Protein, or biotin, is a safe procedure that doesn’t include any side effects but makes your hair look healthy and voluminous. Well, there might be minimal side effects included:
1. You might experience trouble sleeping.
2. Rashes on the skin are common.
But the above side effects are temporary.

4. Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is a safe process that includes the attachment of hair extensions into your original hair or wrapping your bald area with human hair, thus giving you a natural look and voluminous hair and covering up hair loss problems quickly.

You can choose two types of hair weaving, which include:
1. Clips-In: A Clips-In process is done by attaching small clips to the hair wefts and sewing them together.
2. Hair Bonding: In this process, at first your bald patch is cleaned and measured to properly cover it with hair weft. After that, the hair wig is attached with the help of safe and sticky glue.
You can choose between human hair and synthetic hair as per your preference.

Is there any risk of damage or side effects from these hair loss treatments?

There is no risk of damage or side effects from hair weaving, as it doesn’t involve any surgical procedures. But it is recommended that you do proper maintenance on your wig and visit the clinic once every month for the purpose of wig servicing.

Now, you can get various options to treat hair loss with the help of eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic.

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