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Laser Stretch Marks Removal

stretch marks removal treatment


Stretch marks are simply marks on your body that are not perceived by many people. Stretch marks are like a shield for our bodies, which one should not feel ashamed about. But, unfortunately, many people tend to hide them because of the unwanted stares or because it is a source of insecurity for someone. But let’s understand more about stretch marks:

Why do stretch marks occur?

Stretch marks are like narrow marks on the skin that appear because of the fluctuation of the hormones and the stretching of the skin. Sometimes genetics can play a significant role in the occurrence of stretch marks.

In which areas do stretch marks mostly occur?

Stretch marks mostly appear on:

What are the different types of stretch marks?

The appearance of the stretch marks helps you understand at what stage of stretch marks you are:
Early stage: In this stage, stretch marks appear as red lines, and this usually happens at the time of pregnancy when the skin starts to stretch, which causes irritation to the skin.
The visible stage: In this stage, the stretch marks turn purple. This happens when the skin’s tissues start to get stretched.
The final stage: This appears white and silver. This happens due to the breaking of collagen fibers.

Stretch marks are common on:

1. Pregnant women,
2. Sudden weight gain and weight loss create stretch marks.
3. people with breast enlargement surgery.
Though it’s a completely natural thing, if you start noticing that it covers half of your body, then it’s completely your choice to remove it and get rid of it.

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How is stretch mark removal treatment done?

Stretch mark removal is done through cutting-edge technology, Secret PRO refine, where micro-needling is used to rejuvenate the skin, which makes the collagen of the skin renew.
In this treatment, a light using radio frequency is deeply penetrated into the skin through the microneedles. It helps to reduce the marks of stretch marks easily.

Other than that, a CO2 laser is also used for stretch mark removal.

CO2 lasers help to tighten the skin and make the stretch marks on your body disappear. This laser is more suitable for people with a dark complexion. It basically removes the old and outer skin layers by producing new skin, which makes the overall skin look smoother and helps to make the stretched marks disappear. The fractional CO2 lasers give nutrition to the skin tissue and help produce new collagen. This laser is mostly used for permanent stretch mark removal.

How much time does the stretch mark removal treatment take?

The whole treatment of stretch mark removal takes nearly 40 minutes.

Are the results from stretch mark removal permanent?

Yes, the results from stretch mark removal are permanent, but you need to do at least 5 or 6 sessions, and after that, you will be able to get rid of your insecurity about stretch marks.

What advantages can you get from stretch mark removal treatment?

1. Through this laser technique, new collagen is produced, which makes your skin look smoother.
2. This procedure doesn’t involve any surgery and is less complicated.

Are there any side effects of the stretch mark removal treatment?

After the laser treatment for stretch mark removal, it is common to experience certain side effects that include:
1.Skin irritation,
4. It can sometimes cause scarring of the skin.
5. It sometimes causes skin pigmentation.
But there is nothing to worry about, as all of these side effects are temporary and will heal over time.

Do you need to endure any pain during stretch mark removal?

The above treatment is endurable, and you might feel a mild sensation in the area to be treated because of the light rays of the laser. It doesn’t involve much pain.

Are you eligible to do this laser stretch mark removal treatment?

Though laser stretch mark removal is a safe technique, there are certain restrictions for some people, and it is not advised to do this treatment if you have one of the following problems or conditions:
1. If you have a slightly darker complexion, you can still do this laser, but you might notice some hyperpigmentation.
2. Pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding are advised not to do this laser treatment.
3. People with acne problems should avoid this laser, as it can affect their skin condition.

Who is more likely to get good results after stretch mark removal treatment?

Though this treatment gives good and effective results to everyone, people with:
1. Early-stage patients who have new red and purple marks can easily remove the stretch marks.
2. People with lighter skin complexions can easily notice the stretch marks fading fast.
But there is nothing to be disappointed about; everyone can get rid of stretch marks after doing some sessions, as already mentioned above.

After care, you need to follow these steps for stretch mark removal treatment:

You need to apply an ointment that will be prescribed to you by the doctor to get results on time.

Lastly, in this modern world, stretch marks should be accepted as normal, and you don’t need to feel ashamed or different because of the marks. Instead of that, let’s try to celebrate ourselves by accepting the way we are. And if stretch marks bother you for any reason and you just want to remove them for yourself, then we have provided you with a great option, which is “Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment”.

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