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Permanent Hair Extension


Hair is an important part that signifies our beauty. It can be worn as jewelry, and it has beautiful long hair. You don’t need any extra effort; it naturally makes you look different and pretty. But, not everyone has thick, long hair and is suffering from hair fall problems. Most importantly, this problem is increasing day by day. Let’s understand the reason behind this:

1. Every one of us is stressed nowadays, which leads to hair fall problems,
2. Hormonal changes can be a reason too.
3. Thyroid disease can cause hair loss,
4. Not having enough nutrition, etc.
So, if you are craving for beautiful long hair to hide your hair fall problems or to simply give length to your short hair to make yourself look more attractive, then eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic have a way that is “permanent hair extension”.

What does “permanent hair extension mean?

Permanent hair extension is simply a technique that applies real hair individually into your own hair strands so that it looks totally natural. It is more preferable than other techniques like hair transplant.

What are the different kinds of permanent hair extension available?

The different types of extension available are:
1. Tape-in extension: This type is the easiest to apply. It gives you the length of your choice and volume instantly. They are applied with the help of glue and are attached carefully on both sides of your hair.
2. Weft extension: These are the type where the hair is collected altogether and woven on a narrow piece of cloth; it is more like a wig. It helps create a thick hair texture.
3. I-tips extension: This type is applied through your natural hair only. You can even reuse these extensions. They are made with different types of color, mostly at the tip of the hair. At the time of applying these extensions, your original hair is braided in order to place the extensions easier.
4. Fusion extensions: This type of extension is not suitable for everyone, as they are applied with the use of heated glue. They are also applied through your original hair strands.

How the procedure is done?

Hair extensions are basically applied with the help of glue to attach the collection of hair strands to your original hair. They are mostly made of human hair. But, if you are not comfortable using human hair, you can use synthetic hair. If you are confused about what to choose, then mostly human hair is more preferable as they can give you the original look. Whereas, synthetic hair looks fake and can create more damage. The extensions are attached with hot glue as well as cold glue.

Why is hair extensions made of human hair better?

The Extensions made of human hair are better because not only do they look natural, but they are also more durable than other types of extensions. You can even style your hair according to your choice, like curling, coloring, or giving it any other look you want with hair extensions made of human hair.

Is the result really permanent?

The result are not really permanent but they can last longer like up to 6 Months. Moreover, if you are using good-quality extensions, they are more likely to last longer. Also, if you have a healthy scalp that produces a good amount of oil, your extensions can stay well with you for a long time. After six months, you can refill your extensions to make them look fresh again.

Is there any risk of side effects?

Yes, there might be some side effects involved.
1. You might experience hair fall if you are not using good-quality extensions,
2. If your scalp is not healthy, applying extensions can cause damage to your hair.
3. If the extensions are not attached carefully, they can cause pressure in the hair follicles.
4. If extensions are attached at the area of your natural hair growth, then you might experience hair growth problems.

How can you take care of your extensions?

1. You are advised to not wash your hair regularly. Do wash them only if it is necessary.
2. If you are using a hair dryer, it is advised to put it on low heat,
3. It will be good to trim your hair every month.
4. If your scalp is itching after the extension, you are advised not to touch or pull the hair, as it can cause damage to your hair or cause you pain.

Why is it important to remove extensions after 6 months?

It is important to remove the extensions after a certain period of time because keeping them for a longer period of time can cause damage to the hair due to the tangling of the hair. Moreover, if you are not able to give your hair proper care, it definitely needs to be removed. If the hair gets tangled and you no longer manage them, it will cause breakage while removing the extensions.

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