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Anti-Ageing Treatment


Anti-ageing treatment can restore and turn back your early ageing signs!

Ageing is a natural cycle in human beings that we don’t want to face but have to. As we grow older, our skin changes in appearance. The collagen of our skin loses its elasticity and makes us look dull. Not only does ageing occur, but sometimes premature ageing of the skin also occurs, which makes us look older than our age by causing wrinkles, fine lines, open pores, and saggy skin to appear. We all want to look and feel young despite our age, and to be honest, we deserve to feel that way and for that anti-ageing treatment can be the solution available at Epiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic.

Let’s understand about the Anti-ageing procedure in this article:

So, what can you do to maintain and get back your beautiful, young, and rejuvenated skin?

We are providing a safe way for you to boost your skin through “Anti-Ageing Treatment”. Before learning about the treatment, let’s understand some factors about aging:

What changes you might notice on the skin during ageing?

1. Dull skin is common when you age as the production of new cells in the skin slows and the dead cells cannot be removed completely, which increases the production of dead cells.
2. The complexion of the skin changes due to the regular sun tan on the skin, which in turn increases the level of pigment on the skin leading to melasma, age spots, and scarring of the skin.
3. Wrinkles on the skin are common as your skin loses its elasticity.
4. Your skin experiences open pores due to the production of sebum on the skin.
5. Fine lines occur on the cheeks, laughter lines, middle of the eyebrows, etc. that happen due to the reduction of protein on the skin.
6. The skin appears saggy, especially on the neck, cheeks, chin, and area beside the eyes.
So, how can you achieve a youthful look through this safe procedure? We have a way called “Anti-Aging Treatment”. We know we can’t stop the aging process, but we can at least help you reduce or delay the signs of aging.

How Anti-Ageing treatment is done?

There are various options available for anti-ageing treatment, and the options are listed below:
1. Laser Toning – The first option on the list for anti-ageing is Laser Toning. It uses a beam of light that helps break the pigment-causing cells on the inner layer of the skin. Thus, removing the excess melanin that causes age spots, dark spots, and dark patches on the skin it is a great way to remove dull skin and replace it with rejuvenated skin. Moreover, the collagen of the skin is also improved, which helps give the skin a tight look.
2. Hyaluronic acid fillers –are another treatment for anti-ageing that helps to give volume to the skin in order to replace the sagging skin that appears with age. It is useful in removing hollows from the under-eye and temple areas as well as giving volume to the cheeks. It is given through an injecting process that gives you a defined jawline, facial contouring and treat ageing skin .
3. Thread lift-is another anti-ageing treatment that is based on giving you tight skin without any surgical procedure but with the help of mini threads that are called PDO (polidioxanone). It gives support to the tissue and reduces the signs of ageing on the skin.
4. HIFU -This is an aesthetic treatment for anti-ageing done through the Doublo Gold Machine that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound, which helps in heating the deep layer of skin. It produces collagen in the skin that makes the skin tighter, gives you a youthful complexion, and also removes the double chin.
5. Thermage-is an anti-aging procedure that is less invasive and makes the skin look smooth and tight. It is done through a radio frequency process that uses heat on the layers of saggy skin, thus removing the wrinkles and fine lines from the skin.

Are the above results from anti-ageing treatment permanent?

The results from the above procedures depend on the treatment process you have chosen; therefore, let’s look at the results individually:
1. The result from Laser toning is permanent, but sometimes touch-ups are needed. You are required to do 3-6 sessions approximately to get the visible results.
2. The results from Hyaluronic acid fillers last for 6–12 months, after which the body naturally absorbs the acid particles.
4. The results of a Thread Lift are not permanent, as after a certain period of time, your skin tissues will absorb the thread. It lasts up to 1–3 years.
5. The results from HIFU are permanent, and you can visibly see the result within a month. It requires three sessions in a year.
6. The results from the Thermage procedure last up to 2 years, and you are required to do touch-ups every 2 years.

Is the anti-aging treatment safe?

The anti-aging treatment is totally safe as it includes:
1. No side effects,
2. The downtime after the treatment is for a certain period of time,
3. Doesn’t include any pain,
4. You can feel the youthfulness in your skin.

What aftercare is you required to do for anti-ageing treatment?

You are required to maintain your skin after the treatment by applying face wash, sunscreen, and night cream as per the advice of the doctor.

Though aging is a natural part of our lives, it should not make you feel any less. Don’t let your age hide your glow! Through anti-aging treatment, you can feel the youthfulness in your skin and fall in love with yourself at any age.


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