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Permanent Eyelash Extension

Permanent Eyelash Extension

Eyelashes are an important part of our face as they help to make the eyes look bright and wide. They help in highlighting your eyes, and not only that, they also act as a savior by protecting your eyes from dirt and other unwanted pollution. It is said that good eyelashes can make you look younger than usual and bring out the natural color of your eyes. Without eyelashes, your eyes will get dry quickly.

But, every one of us prefers long and beautiful lashes, and the reality is that not everyone has long lashes. So, why do some people have short eyelashes? Well, the reason some people have shorter lashes is because of hormonal changes because it affects the hair follicles growth. Other Reasons include stress, sleep problems, and sometimes because of genetics too.

So, to create long lashes, we often use artificial things like mascara to make our lashes look longer than usual, but this does not even stay longer, and more importantly, is applying mascara every time you go out to make your eyes prettier safe? Definitely not, as it damages your lashes more and makes your lashes dry after you peel off the mascara from your eyes, which might result in the unintentional breakage of some lashes; if you don’t wash your mascara properly, it can also cause infection.

 So, how can you give yourself beautiful and healthy lashes permanently to save your energy as Well as your eyes from mascara and other harmful product? eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic definitely provide you with a solution called “Permanent Eyelash Extension”.

What is a permanent eyelash extension?

Permanent eyelash extension is a way to stick false lashes, which give a voluminous and natural eyelash effect by extending your normal or thin lashes.

How permanent eyelash extension is done?

Permanent eyelash extension is done by sticking one lash at a time, or sometimes four at the same time, on the base of your eyes to get the volume you want for your eyelashes. You can choose 60–100 lashes to apply in each of your eyes as per your choice. It is done with the help of a tiny plucking tool that uses glue in the false lashes to stick them into your natural lashes. In the whole process, your under lashes are glued.

Is permanent eyelash extension painful?

It is totally painless and is totally harmless because it is non-invasive.

How much time does permanent eyelash extension take to do the whole procedure?

It takes nearly 1 to 2 hours to do the complete extension.

How long do the results of permanent eyelash extension last?

The results from permanent eyelash extension are not permanent, as they needed a touch-up after some time to get back to your beautiful lashes. But the result will last up to 1 month.

How can you prepare yourself for the permanent eyelash extension?

At first, you need to consult your doctor and inform them about your choice, like the type of lash you want—fiber or synthetic—and how long, curly, or thick you want them to create. After that, you will be ready for the process. It can take some time to avoid any problems, and it can be done in two rounds so that not a single part is left.

What aftercare do you need to follow for permanent eyelash extension?

You need to avoid applying water into the eyelash for at least 1 day.

What advantages can permanent eyelash extensions give you?

There are many advantages you can get from eyelash extension, let’s look into them individually:
1. They can save you time from doing makeup, as they will give you natural lashes that don’t need any mascara.
2. You can make your lashes look exactly the way you want them to by giving them the volume and length of your choice.
3. They can protect your eyes from the use of artificial products.

Is there any disadvantage while doing permanent eyelash extension?

Well, disadvantages include:
1. They can destroy your natural lashes if not done by a professional, as they can use cheap quality lashes over your natural lashes that can be harmful to you.
2. They can stop your natural lash growth if you continuously keep doing extensions.
3. They can cause eye infections too if not used cautiously.
4. The eyelash extensions are not heavy, but adjusting to them can take some time.

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