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Skin Whitening Treatment


A bright and clear complexion is a skin goal for many people, but reality is definitely different. Everyday dirt, pollution, UV rays, and other factors ruin the complexion as well as the texture of our skin. If you are dreaming of having naturally bright skin instantly, then your wish has been fulfilled!

eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic is providing you with a “Skin Whitening Treatment” that will help you enhance your natural and beautiful complexion. Let’s understand this a bit more:

Why our skin gets darken over time?

Our skin gets darker over time due to the following reasons:
1. When our body makes too much melanin, the skin gets darker,
2. Excessive sun exposure can lead to tanning of the skin, thus causing hyper pigmentation.
3. Sometimes hormonal fluctuation can affect your skin tone,
4. As we age, our skin loses its radiance, and age spots start to appear.
Whatever the reason is for your dark or dull skin, whether it is because of the above reasons or simply because you want to flaunt your natural skin tone and want to gift yourself a beautiful, glowing, and bright look, “skin whitening treatment” is the ultimate option.

What is skin whitening treatment?

Skin whitening is a procedure that helps in the reduction of melanin pigment in your skin to give you a whiter complexion. Melanin plays an important role in the appearance of skin tone, as people with a high quantity of melanin usually have a dark complexion, whereas people with little melanin usually have a pale skin tone. Skin whitening treatment is not only for those with a dark complexion but also for people with fair skin, because skin whitening can also make your skin look radiant and glowing.

How is skin whitening done?

Skin whitening is done through various options; let’s understand the treatments individually:

1. Fractional Laser Resurfacing

It is done with a laser that targets a beam of light to remove the top layer of damaged skin and restore a healthy, new, and even skin tone. It helps to improve the texture of the skin and reduce scars and other signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

The result:

You need to do at least 5–6 sessions, approximately, for the complete result.

Side effects:

1. redness or swelling,
2. Changes in the color of skin
But the above side effects are temporary.

2. Alma Q Laser For Skin Whitening: The Q-Switch laser

Alma Q Laser for skin whitening helps to remove the brown spots or pigments from the skin by targeting a beam of light into the skin to remove the excess melanin from the skin without damaging the surrounding area of the skin. The laser helps to break down the pigment and give you a clear and even skin tone. The treatment is totally safe and doesn’t include much pain.

The result:

You need to do 5–6 sessions to get a complete result.

Side effects:
You might get redness and swelling in the skin for a certain period of time.

3. Deep chemical peels:

A chemical peel involves a chemical solution that helps to remove the upper layer of skin and regenerates new skin that is healthy and smooth.  It is useful in treating wrinkles, scars, and dark patches of the skin. After the treatment, redness, swelling, and changes in skin color are possible.

The result:

You need to do 3 sessions for a complete, visible result.
1. Redness or swelling might occur after the treatment,
2. Infections are common after the treatment.
3. You might get scars.

Glutathione injections as skin whitening:

Glutathione is an essential for our body as it helps the immune system function properly. It is a kind of antioxidant that prevents the body from damaging cells. As we grow older, the glutathione in our bodies decreases, and as a result, our skin starts to look dull and saggy and hides the natural glow of our skin. That is why glutathione injections are a safe way to rejuvenate our skin. The injection is applied right into the muscle, and it can be slightly painful.

The result:

The result might take time—at least 3-6 months—for people with brown complexions to lighten their skin tone.

Side effects:

1. You might feel numbed after the application of the injection.
2. Rashness or redness might occur.
3. Your hair might turn white.
4. Weight gain and several other problems might occur.
It is recommended to use the glutathione injections carefully and with the supervision of a doctor.

Brighten and Lighten Laser Medi-Facial For Skin Whitening:

It is a medicine-combined facial enriched with vitamins and minerals. It helps to hydrate your skin as well as give you a youthful, bright complexion. It is done through three processes: the oxygenio technique, which helps to remove dead skin cells; the Q-Switched laser, which also helps to improve fine lines by the use of lasers with natural ingredients in them; and the chemical peel, which helps to improve damaged skin caused by the sun. This facial has many benefits, as it improves the skin’s texture, removes wrinkles, spots, and dark patches of skin, as well as evening your skin tone.

The result:

The result is instant and doesn’t need extra sessions.

Side effects:

The treatment is safe, but redness and itching are common after the treatment, which is temporary.

Laser Photo-Facial For Skin Whitening:

This treatment is done through an intense pulse light (IPL) therapy that concentrates a beam of light targeting the skin surface. It emits light into the deep layer of the skin, which helps treat the skin deeply. It also helps produce new collagen in the skin, making the skin look youthful and bright. It is also helpful in treating pores, hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, etc.

The result:

The visible result can be seen within a week.

Side effects:

1. Redness and swelling are expected.
2. Sometimes, bruising might occur.
3. Blisters are possible to occur.
But, the above side effects are temporary and will heal over time.

Skin Hydration Method For Skin Whitening:

Skin hydration is a method that helps to soothe and refresh your skin. It is done by gently exfoliating your skin and removing the dirt and pollution from the inside. After that, a hydrating mask is applied to your skin, which helps to improve the collagen of your skin. It is helpful in improving fine lines and wrinkles, too.

The result:

The result lasts up to 4–6 weeks after that, and you are advised to do this skin hydration method once or twice a month.

Side effects:
There are usually no side effects in this procedure, but it is recommended to do this treatment once or twice a month.

Mesotherapy For Skin Whitening:

Mesotherapy is a great way to brighten your skin as it helps in better blood circulation, improves skin conditions, and makes the skin wrinkle-free and rejuvenated. It is done by emitting pulses through a laser into the skin, which contains glutathione serum, which helps to hydrate the skin and make the skin look refreshed and bright.

The result:

You are required to do at least 5–6 sessions to get a complete result.

Side effects:

1. You might get swelling under the skin,
2. Redness,
3. Your skin might feel sensitive due to the sun.

Laser Carbon Peel For Skin Whitening:

A laser carbon peel is a way to exfoliate your skin deeply and reduce the appearance of wrinkled skin and even your skin tone. It is done by:
1. After cleaning your face first, a carbon peel is applied.
2. The skin impurities are removed through laser.
3. A skin-booster serum is applied to your skin for an instant glow.

The result:

 You can notice a bright, glowing skin after 5-6 sessions approximately.

Side effects:

Redness and a slight tingling session are common after the treatment; other than that, the treatment is totally safe.

Fractional RF Can Be Used For Skin Whitening:

This helps to produce new collagen in your skin, improve the texture, and even out your skin tone. Fractional RF uses needles that help deliver radio frequency energy into the skin that results in a boost of collagen, giving you a brighter and tighter look.

The result:

The results are permanent, but you need to take care of your skin by applying face wash, sunscreen, and night cream.

Side effects:

Swelling and redness are normal after the treatment, but this is for a temporary period of time.

You can achieve a Flawless, youthful and brighten skin through these above processes, and enhance your look as well as your confidence. Don’t let your shine hide.

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