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Permanent Eyelash

Permanent Eyelash

Eyelashes are one of the most beautiful and important features on our face; they have the power to impact our appearance as they help to make our eyes look brighter and wider. It helps to highlight the sclera, which is the white part of your eyes, and also the iris. Other than physical preference, there are other factors that make eyelashes important features on our faces.

1. Eyelashes act as a protective shield for your eyes, helping to protect them from unwanted dust or pollution.
2. They protect our eyes from infection or injuries.
3. Eyelashes act as an alarm, which means if any objects or insects come close to your eyes, they become aware of them and instantly prevent them by blinking.

Therefore, we can conclude that without eyelashes, our eyes will be at risk as they will catch unwanted germs and also dry out quickly.
We all want beautiful, long eyelashes that create an attractive look and make the eyes look bigger, but it’s not the reality for many people, as many of us have short eyelashes, which happen due to the following reasons:
1. Hormonal fluctuation sometimes leads to damage to hair follicle growth.
2. Stress can be a reason too.
3. Not having enough sleep can lead to short eyelashes.
4. Genetic issues can also lead to short eyelashes.
So, what can you do to achieve beautiful, long lashes and fulfill your wish of having attractive long lashes? As long as Epiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic provide you with the safest and most permanent cosmetic solution, this is “permanent eyelashes”.

What does permanent eyelash mean?

Permanent eyelashes are a cosmetic process that helps to make your eyelashes look thick, dark, and full naturally by lining the lashes with permanent color.

How are permanent eyelashes done?

Permanent eyelash extension is done through a pen-like device that consists of a semi-permanent dye that gives tattoo pigment to the lash line. This gives the lashes a darker and fuller effect, which looks completely natural. It doesn’t create any black lines in the lash lines, which looks more real and convincing. The tattoo pigment that is implanted into the lashes creates the shape of an eye naturally.

Is the result of permanent eyelashes permanent?

The result of permanent eyelash extensions lasts for up to 1 month, approximately, but they need a touch-up after some time to get back to their beautiful state.

What advantages can you get from permanent eyelashes?

1. A permanent eyelash gives a thick and natural effect to your eyes as well as giving them definition.
2. You don’t need to apply much mascara or other eye makeup.
3. You don’t need to worry about any mascara mishaps.
4. It saves time, as before any important event, you don’t need to spend much time in front of the mirror applying perfect liner or mascara.

Is there any disadvantage?

Well, disadvantages include:
1. They can destroy your natural lashes if not done by a professional, as they can use cheap-quality lashes over your natural lashes that can be harmful to you.
2. They can stop your natural lash growth if you continuously keep doing extensions.
3. They can cause eye infections too if not used cautiously.
4. The eyelash extensions are not heavy, but adjusting to them can take some time.

Is the process painful?

It is totally painless and totally harmless because it is non-invasive.

Are there any side effects involved?

You might experience the following side effects if the procedure is not done properly or under expert supervision:
1. You might feel a burning sensation along the lash line.
2. Your lashes will be itchy for a few days after the procedure.
3. Your eyelid might experience redness.
4. Swelling is possible for a few days.

What after-cares are you required to follow after the procedure?

After permanent eyelash, you are required to follow these after-cares:
1. You need to avoid applying water to the eyelashes for at least one day.
2. Avoid rubbing your eyes.
3. Cleanse your eyelashes with a gentle cleanser.
4. Brush your eyelash tips.
5. Try to avoid sleeping on your face.

In conclusion, choose eEpiderma Cosmetology and Laser Clinic to safely and instantly achieve longer and more beautiful lashes with permanent eyelash services with the guarantee of a long-term result and the utmost in safety.

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