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Protein/ Biotin Treatment for Hair

biotin treatment for hair

An adequate amount of protein is needed for our body to become healthy as well as for making new cells; it helps our body develop a healthy structure. But, have you ever wondered if your hair also needs protein? Well, yes, it does need protein because our hair itself is made of keratin, which helps to give hair elasticity. Without protein, hair loses its natural texture and becomes sticky, dry, and frizzy. Therefore, you will develop hair fall problems, and that will ultimately become the cause of stress for you. Sometimes, in order to give protein to our hair, we tend to choose the wrong products containing chemicals, making our hair harsher. So, how can you protect your hair from further damage and choose a safe way to give protein to your hair?
eEpiderma Cosmetology & Laser Clinic is introducing you to a safe treatment that can give you the hair of your dreams, and that way is “Protein/Biotin Treatment for Hair Growth”.

What does protein/biotin treatment for hair growth mean?

Protein (or biotin) is like a vitamin for your hair, which helps to give nourishment. It gives hair strength and reduces problems with hair fall. It also helps to get rid of dandruff problems and dryness.

Why is protein reduced in the hair?

1. Not getting enough vitamins into the body can affect hair growth, which makes the hair dry.
2. Iron deficiency can also affect the proteins in hair.
3. A bad diet can also affect your body by not producing nutrition, which in turn causes hair fall problems.
4. Genetics can be a reason too for having rough, dry hair.
5. Not washing your hair properly can ruin your hair’s texture.
6. Sometimes washing your hair daily or applying unnecessary conditioner can affect the proteins in your hair, developing hair fall problems.

How is protein/biotin treatment for hair carried out?

At first, red light therapy is given, which uses laser light to give radiation rays into the tissues of the scalp, encouraging hair growth on the weak cells by the absorption of the rays from light. After the light therapy process, micro-channeling is done for hair growth into the scalp, which helps to renew damaged hair follicles and improve the collagen of the skin. Through the micro-channeling process, the circulation of blood increases, which helps to improve the follicles, thus providing nutrients needed for hair growth. At the end, protein or biotin is injected into the scalp through injections because applying biotin-containing products cannot help with absorption, which is why injecting biotin directly is useful. It helps the scalp grow new, healthy hair while also preventing hair dryness and making the hair stronger from the roots.

What changes can you notice after the protein/biotin treatment for hair?

Biotin has been proven to be helpful for hair when it comes to giving it a renewed look. You are likely to notice your hair getting thicker and your hair fall problems reducing. Your hair started looking shiny and soft, which you always crave; finally, you will be able to see the changes in yourself. It helps to cover the bald areas on the scalp by growing hair.

How many sessions are needed for results?

You need to do at least 4 sessions to stop hair fall problems. After that, 7-8 sessions are needed in total to see a visible result by noticing the improvement in hair texture; also, the hair will look shiny and smooth. But you need to do the treatment again if your doctor has prescribed it.

Is biotin for hair growth suitable for everyone?

Yes, biotin is a safe procedure that anyone suffering from bad hair conditions or hair loss can definitely use. But, you need to understand that biotin and protein treatments only give nourishment to the hair, making them fuller and more voluminous in a short period of time, but they don’t help make your hair longer.

What aftercare do you need to maintain?

You need to apply shampoo and oil solutions as per the advice prescribed by the doctor. You are also advised to take supplements for hair that will be taken according to your condition of hair that your doctor can advise properly.

Therefore, protein/biotin treatment is a healthy way to give your hair a dose of protein. Healthy hair indicates a healthy body, which is why it is necessary to take care of yourself, your body as well as your hair, in order to maintain yourself because a good life starts with a healthy self. If you are troubled about your hair problems, it’s time to stop worrying and actually take action by giving your hair the protein/biotin treatment.

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