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Carbon Peeling

Carbon Peeling

Oily skin is common for people dealing with stress, hormonal fluctuations, or other reasons, which often results in breakouts, clogged pores, wrinkles, blackheads, and dull, uneven skin tone. To help you get rid of it, we have a safe option, which is “Laser Carbon Peeling Treatment”.
It is an innovative exfoliation method that helps to eliminate  skin impurities and dead skin cells and offer you a radiant and brighter skin

What does “Carbon Peeling Treatment” mean?

Carbon Peeling Treatment is a non-invasive procedure used to treat acne, enlarged pores, and other skin conditions by minimally penetrating a carbon laser into the skin.

How is the procedure done?

1. For the carbon peeling procedure, the Alma Q laser is first penetrated into the skin, and the wavelength produced by it through a beam of light helps to remove hyper-pigmentation and improve skin tone.
2. After that, a carbon pack is applied to the skin in order to cleanse the skin; the pack is left on until it gets dry or for a minimum of 10 minutes. The particles of carbon help reduce the oil on your skin, which is particularly helpful in treating acne problems.
3. After the carbon pack gets dry, it is removed through the Alma-Q laser, which helps to exfoliate the skin as well as deeply cleanse the pores and dead skin cells. You will be given an eye shield to protect your eyes from the heat of the laser. The cutting-edge laser technology blasts the excess oil and dead skin, thus giving you a refreshing and glowing look.

What are the benefits you can get from carbon peeling treatment?

The carbon peeling treatment provides various benefits to your skin:
1. It deeply cleanses your skin by removing oil and dirt from the surface because of the laser that targets the carbon particles and destroys them.
2. Helpful in removing blackheads and dead skin cells.
3. A carbon peel encourages collagen growth in your skin, giving you plumper and more youthful skin.
4. This treatment manages the oil production of your skin, which ultimately reduces acne problems.
5. It improves fine lines and wrinkles.
6. Scars caused by acne can be treated through carbon peeling treatments.
7. It brightens your skin tone.

Are there any side effects included in this treatment?

The whole procedure is safe, but you might experience slight redness and a sensation in the skin, which is common after the treatment. But, there is nothing to worry about as the above side effects are temporary and will heal over time. It doesn’t require any downtime after the treatment.

What precautions are necessary to take before the procedure?

1. Avoid excessive sun exposure before the treatment.
2. Avoid doing waxing before the treatment.
3. Don’t use any makeup on the skin before the carbon peeling session.

How much time does the whole procedure take?

The whole procedure takes nearly 30 minutes, approximately.

Who is suitable to do this treatment?

This treatment is suitable for people with oily skin, active acne, and large pores, as well as for people suffering from sun damage.

Who is not suitable for this treatment?

This treatment may not be suitable for the following people:
1. Pregnant women should avoid getting carbon dioxide laser treatment.
2. If you have a tan on your skin, it is recommended that you wait until the tan fades.
3. If you are suffering from an infection, a viral infection, or a cold, it is recommended that you not undergo this treatment.

Are the results permanent?

The results are permanent, but you need to do at least 5 or 6 sessions in order to get a complete result.

What after-care is needed?

1. After the treatment you are recommended to use Face wash, Sunscreen and night cream as per the advice of the doctor.
2. Moisturize and take care of your skin properly.
3. Do not use any harsh scrubs on the skin after the treatment for at least a week.
4. After receiving a laser carbon peel, be gentle with your skin by continuing to moisturize every day.
5. Use sunscreen frequently with at least SPF 30+ for a few days following treatment. It’s common to observe some flaking or suffering dryness for a few days.
6. For at least five days following therapy, refrain from using any retinol-containing products.
7. For at least a week, refrain from exfoliating or using other invasive or abrasive skin treatments.
8. To maintain the best results, apply acne-fighting products if you have oily skin.
9. If you have photo aged skin or fine lines, use collagen-containing products, collagen supplements, or adhere to a collagen-boosting diet.

Therefore, carbon peeling treatment is a great option to choose if you want to restore and even your skin tone as well as remove the dark patches and pigmentation within your skin in the safest way possible only at eEpiderma cosmetology & laser clinic.

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