Why is hydrafacial better than normal facial?

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Why is hydrafacial better than normal facial?

Reasons why Hydrafacial is the best skin cleansing treatment:

A deep skin cleansing is highly needed due to the various issues it has to go through, including skin blemishes, acne breakouts, dull skin, blotchiness, etc. It is highly needed to give the skin a proper amount of nutrients in order to maintain healthy skin.

In this blog post, we will discuss the most loving and safe facial treatment, which is the hydrafacial treatment. We will learn about its benefits, side effects, how to take care of the skin after the procedure, etc.

A Hydrafacial Treatment:

Hydrafacial treatment is a skin-detoxifying procedure that helps to deeply cleanse the skin and is ideal for all skin types. The facial is helpful in extracting impurities and boosting hydration in the skin.

Our eEpiderma Clinic provides a team of experienced skin specialists that provides guaranteed results, and up to 97% of the majority have experienced amazing results from hydrafacials.

The procedure for hydrafacial treatment:

At first, an informative consultation is highly needed before the execution of the procedure in order to discuss the specific goals of the patient or to examine the skin condition properly. Let’s look at the step-by-step process of hydrafacial treatment:

  1. Brightening gel is applied to the skin four times for a total of thirty minutes to begin the hydra-facial process. It helps to eliminate sun damage from your skin and gives you a more radiant, bright appearance.
  2. Applying a whitening mask is the next step, which offers you a brighter skin tone and a more youthful appearance.
  3. Next, in order to give you a firmer appearance, our therapist will use Dr. Pen, a non-invasive method that promotes collagen synthesis and skin healing.
  4. The final operation is laser light therapy, which improves and strengthens your skin by stimulating your skin cells.

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laser therapy for hydra facial

Laser Light Therapy in Hydra Facial

Important benefits included in hydrafacial treatment:


It is well recognised that hydra facials are more beneficial than standard facials. Now let’s look at the benefits of hydra facials:

1. The skin is not abraded by the Hydra facial skin care machine, which is kind to the skin. It clears the pores of blocked oil and grime.

2. It maintains the skin and moisturises it with moisturising serums. After the facial, it quickly leaves your face smooth, shining, luminous, and soft.

3. The hydra facial’s strongest feature is its ability to maintain tight, firm skin. It keeps debris from building up within the pores.

4. One benefit is that it has no negative effects and works well on all skin types and tones. The process of receiving the therapy is painless.

5. Since this is not a therapy that depends on a skin specialist, the long-term benefits are constant even if you perform it yourself.

6. Regular facials may not match your skin type, texture, and tone like the treatments do. Everything applied to your skin is safe and effective since it is designed for your specific skin type.

7. The fact that there is no downtime is the finest part of the benefits of hydra facials. You are allowed to wear cosmetics on the day that you receive treatment.

8. Medical studies indicate that Hydrafacial works well for skin disorders like papulopustular rosacea and enhances the health of the skin in specific circumstances.

9. Pregnant women should have hydra facials as the best aesthetic skin care therapy since they are safe, produce an immediate glow, and don’t require the use of chemicals.

Five reasons why hydrafacials are more in demand than regular facials

  1. The conventional approach to treating skin for improved health is to give it regular facials. On the other hand, a hydra facial uses cutting-edge technology to thoroughly clean the skin and give it an immediate shine. Hydra facials produce faster and more noticeable outcomes than regular facials. When comparing the Hydra facial to the regular facial, the Hydra facial comes out on top every time.
  2. Hydra facials are safe, efficient, and employ more sophisticated technology that allows for therapy that is suitable according to the needs of the patient. In contrast to typical facials, which employ chemicals that may react and create acne, pimples, and other issues, this procedure may be done safely and without adverse effects in a clinic.
  3. Regular facials have poor outcomes. The skin is rejuvenated with hydra facials without any discomfort before or following the procedure, and it’s the ideal course of action for patients with various skin disorders. Regular facials and hydra facials are often debated since one has advantages over the other, but hydra facials are the obvious winner.
  4. Frequent facials include the use of more chemical treatments, which may have unintended side effects and address some skin disorders, including rosacea, acne, and pimples. HydraFacial, on the other hand, is appropriate for all skin types and tones.
  5. The ideal option for pregnant women is a HydraFacial because chemical procedures should not be performed on them as this might have an impact on the unborn child. Treatment with a HydraFacial facial may be tailored to the individual’s skin type and condition. If you are going to be going through regular facials because they use the same gels and creams on all of their clients, The advantages of a hydra facial outweigh those of a facial and its outcomes.

Does hydrafacial treatment assure a permanent result?

The treatment gradually fades after 4-6 weeks, but that’s okay since you may come to our clinic and request a treatment to restore your skin to its natural state. Once or twice a month is the recommended frequency of therapy.

Common side effects of Hydra facial treatments:

Hydrafacials are one of the best skin treatments with the fewest side effects. Basically, there is no downtime with this therapy, and after it is over, you may resume your normal activities. But you may experience any of the following negative effects after a hydra-facial treatment:

  1. Skin irritation and mild redness are possible.
  2. The Hydra Facial Treatment may make a sunburn or rash worse if it is used on top of it.
  3. If the therapy is applied to an active skin condition such as rosacea, it may exacerbate infections or other skin conditions.

How do you know that you should choose hydrafacial treatment?

Though hydrafacial treatment is suitable for all skin types and can address various skin concerns, there are a few skin issues that can indicate that you should choose hydrafacial treatment immediately:

  1. If you are experiencing dull skin, hydra facial treatment can be the best option that can boost skin rejuvenation.
  2. If you are dealing with fine lines and wrinkles, it is a sign to choose hydrafacial treatment to combat these ageing signs.


Hydra facials are important to your skin care routine because we are aware of their advantages and superior outcomes. It gives you younger-looking skin that is softer, smoother, brighter, and shinier without causing any negative side effects. It is advised to consult with a skin specialist, which you can get at our eEpiderma clinic, who can guide you about your skin concern and provide the best treatment.

Hydra Facial Treatment at Epiderma

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