Non-Surgical Treatments to Lose Double-Chin & Get a Slimmer Jawline

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Non-Surgical Treatments to Lose Double-Chin & Get a Slimmer Jawline

A double chin is insecurity for many of us. A double chin can easily give the impression that you are heavier than you actually are, even if you are not overweight. Your self-esteem may suffer as a result, and you may feel insecure.

Moreover Globally, K-pop and K-dramas have shaped people’s ideas of what beauty is. The V-Shaped face or slimmer jawline is becoming more popular and has become the new beauty standard.

If you are the one feeling insecure about your double chin, then this blog is for you! In this blog post, we will provide information about non-surgical double-chin treatments to help you get a contoured and slimmer jawline. Let’s learn more about the double-chin treatments:

What is the reason behind the appearance of a double chin?

You could be born with a double chin or develop one later in life, or it could be genetic. In any case, it’s quite normal and quite common. It is the shape that comes naturally to some people.

Our bodies occasionally redistribute the pockets of fat they store as we age. Gaining weight can cause a double chin, or weight redistribution can cause one. Double chins typically appear towards the end of pregnancy as a result of fluid retention; these can persist even after giving birth.

Our skin loses collagen as we age, which can cause it to become more loose. More laxity occurs in some people around the mouth, under the chin in others, in their neck, or both. This may give the impression of a double chin by causing the fat pocket beneath your chin to droop a little more.

Some people who are otherwise considered thin can develop a double chin due to lax skin or fat redistribution.

But now, you don’t need to worry about double chins anymore because this blog is your savior, as we provide the following non-surgical double chin reduction treatments along with information about different exercises, lifestyle changes, and food.

What are the non-surgical double-chin reduction treatments?

1. Ultrasonic Liposuction:

Using a cryolipolysis technique, liposuction is a useful procedure that aids in achieving ultrasonic liposuction, or fat loss. Using a pencil, the patient marks the area of skin that will be treated during this procedure. The process gives you a more defined appearance, helps to contour your neck and chin area, and removes excess fat from the double chin area. To ease any additional pain during the procedure, a gel is first applied to the area around your neck. After that, the device is used to hoover the fatty skin. As a result of the skin cells’ reaction to the hot temperature, which is caused by the radiation from it, the fat cells are destroyed.

ultrasonic liposuction

Cryolipolipolisis for Ultrasonic Liposuction

How many sessions are necessary to get a noticeable outcome?

To see a noticeable improvement, you must complete five to six sessions.

Does this treatment have any negative side effects?

The following are some potential adverse effects of this treatment:

  1. Your skin may appear uneven or bumpy after the procedure.
  2. Your skin may feel numb after treatment.
  3. You could have a fat embolism, which means that during the surgery, the fat that has been released could decompose and end up lodged in your lungs, potentially leading to life-threatening internal injuries.

What post-care is necessary after double chin reduction treatment?

Following the procedure, you are advised to take the following precautions:

  1. It is recommended that you wear tight clothing for at least three weeks to reduce any post-procedural swelling or discomfort you may feel.
  2. It is recommended that you adhere to the diet plan your physician has prescribed. It is advised that you consume fewer calories and that your meals should include more protein and liquids.
  3. To prevent any issues following the treatment, it is advised to refrain from engaging in any physical activity for at least two to three days.
  4. To monitor your progress, you must come to our clinic for sessions and a doctor’s checkup.

2. HIFU Treatment:

HIFU is a cutting-edge non-invasive facial and body treatment performed with the Doublo Gold Machine, which is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. It uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to create new collagen in the skin, giving the appearance of tighter, firmer skin by passing heat into the skin tissue, which stimulates skin collagen and tightens skin structure. Your face appears more defined because the radiating ultrasound penetrates the skin’s deepest layer.


Doublu Gold For Hifu

Are the outcomes permanent?

With HIFU treatment, results can be seen right away; however, to keep the benefits, you may need to come in for three sessions a year.

Is treatment with HIFU safe?

Without a doubt, HIFU is a safe procedure because the ultrasound radiation only damages the layers of skin that make up the middle layer, the lower dermal (also called the hypodermis, which is the fatty layer of the skin), and the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS).

Are there any negative effects from HIFU treatment?

Certain side effects of HIFU treatments may include:

  1. Possible skin redness;
  2. Possible swelling; and
  3. Possible tingling

However, the aforementioned side effects are transient and will go away with time.

3. Face-lift/thread lift: 

By increasing collagen production, a non-invasive procedure called a thread-lift or face-lift helps to get rid of loose skin and makes you look tighter. To prevent pain during the procedure, the doctor will first apply a local anesthetic to the area that needs to be treated. A cannula-like device will be used to insert a needle into your face. The surgeon will then insert a thread through the small hole in the cannula to complete the procedure. Finally, the thread is severed and left in place, leaving you with a defined and lifted appearance.

thread lifting

When will the outcome be apparent after the thread lift treatment?

It is anticipated that you will see results right away after the treatment.

Is double chin reduction safe to choose?

Double-chin removal carries some risks and side effects, just like any other cosmetic procedure. Pain, bruising, and swelling are a few of these. It’s crucial to go over the possible risks and advantages of the treatment with a qualified healthcare provider.

What exercises or lifestyle changes can you try to reduce double chins and maintain a slimmer jawline?

  1. Chin-to-ceiling: This exercise strengthens the jaw and neck muscles and should be performed ten to twenty times a day. It requires you to lean your head back, sit or stand with your back straight, and look up at the ceiling.
  2. Lion’s roar: To help tone your chin, perform the lion’s roar exercise 10 to 20 times a day.
  3. Cheek swishing: Take five to ten minutes and just wildly swirl your cheeks in this manner.

Lifestyle changes include:

In your twenties, a double chin could indicate an unhealthy way of living. You can lessen your double chin by managing your weight with a balanced diet and regular exercise. To prevent swings in your weight, avoid processed foods, replace your grains with whole grains, and limit your sugar intake. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle benefits your body and mind, in addition to your skin.

Some skincare one can follow for a slimmer jawline:

Topical skincare products are not easily effective in treating double chins because they involve deeper structures than the skin. Nonetheless, there are skincare products that can help with neck skin. Not to mention that the skin in this area ages more quickly than the rest of the face due to its thinner nature. Try using toning and firming creams that improve the neck’s overall appearance and the appearance of the double chin. Remember to use sunscreen to protect the area around your neck as well!

In conclusion, the best and safest method for removing extra fat from the chin area is non-surgical double chin reduction. However, it’s crucial to speak with a licensed healthcare professional and dermatologist who can evaluate your unique situation and suggest the best course of action. They will also provide details on the final outcomes, recovery period, and possible side effects.

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