Let your eyes create the buzz with permanent eyeliner! Know Everything About the Procedure and Aftercare

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Let your eyes create the buzz with permanent eyeliner! Know Everything About the Procedure and Aftercare

If you’re tired of the daily hassle of applying eyeliner to get perfect, defined eyes, then you’re probably thinking about permanent eyeliner. Yes, permanent eyeliner can be your ultimate saviour; it will make your eyes pop out without the need for liquid liners or pencils. Just like any other permanent makeup procedure, like scalp micropigmentation, permanent lipstick, and permanent eyebrow makeup, it is crucial to be prepared for any permanent makeup procedure. If you decide to proceed with a permanent eyeliner application, we hope that this blog will assist you in making the best choice for you and guarantee the best outcomes.

Permanent Eyeliner: WHAT IS IT?

The term “eyeliner tattoo” refers to a permanent makeup application (PMU) that provides the appearance of eyeliner without the need for daily application. The majority of PMU applications are technically semi-permanent because they only last one to three years, despite being referred to as “permanent makeup.” A permanent eyeliner procedure only pierces the topmost layer of the delicate skin on the eyelid, as opposed to traditional tattooing, which involves a needle inserted deep into the skin to insert pigment. It will therefore fade considerably more quickly than a conventional tattoo. However, it also means that your permanent eyeliner can alter in step with shifting fashion trends and tastes!

What is the procedure for applying permanent eyeliner?

When applying tattooed eyeliner, your artist will first cleanse the area with an antibacterial approved for the eyes before applying numbing cream to help ease any pain. Then, using a specialised tool, tiny droplets of colored pigment are applied beneath the skin and between your lashes. To track the colour absorption, this process can occasionally be spread out over multiple sessions if necessary.

Who is considered the perfect candidate for permanent eyeliner?

For those who wish to have eyes that stand out but do not want to deal with the daily hassle of applying eyeliner, permanent eyeliner is a great option. It is perfect for:

  1. Anyone who has a disability that makes applying eyeliner difficult, hand tremors, or poor vision
  2. Athletes, swimmers, and those in physically demanding jobs don’t want their makeup to run.
  3. Individuals with light or sparse eyelashes
  4. Anyone who desires to draw attention to their eyes

Who should avoid going for permanent eyeliner?

Some people, though, might not be a good fit for permanent eyeliner for various reasons. Before moving further, please see your doctor if any of these apply to you or if you have any other health issues:

  1. Individuals with facial skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, keratosis pilaris, and chronic acne.
  2. Individuals taking drugs that cause skin sensitivity or bleeding, such as blood thinners, eyelash and eyebrow growth serum, Retin-A, Accutane, or other acids that peel the skin.
  3. People whose immune systems are weakened because of an autoimmune disease, diabetes, chemotherapy, drugs, or other medical conditions.

How do you prepare yourself before getting permanent eyeliner?

Making sure you are ready for your permanent eyeliner application is the next step after deciding you are a good candidate and choosing to move forward. Make sure to consult with your artist properly and communicate your desired outcome so that we can provide you with the result you are expecting. Additionally, confirm that they are using high-end, premium permanent makeup pigments. In the eEpiderma clinic, we assure you that our artists use high-quality permanent makeup tools to execute the high-end permanent eyeliner procedure.

  1. To prevent excessive bleeding, give up alcohol and caffeine 24 hours prior to your procedure.
  2.  Sip a lot of water
  3. Before your procedure, avoid colouring or perming your eyelashes. Make sure to inquire about the duration with your artist; they may suggest anything from two days to two weeks.
  4. Take out any eyelash extensions or false eyelashes at least three days prior to your procedure.
  5. Inform your artist if you have undergone any eye surgery or cosmetic procedures. This covers Botox, fillers, and laser eye surgery.
  6. For three to seven days prior to getting an eyeliner tattoo, avoid taking any medications that may thin your blood, such as blood thinners, NSAIDs, aspirin, fish oil, niacin, or vitamin E. Before stopping any medication, please make sure your doctor has prescribed any of these.
  7. After your treatment, you might be sensitive to light, so pack your sunglasses.

Does a permanent eyeliner procedure assure a “permanent “result?

Technically, every type of permanent makeup is considered a tattoo. Permanent eyeliner entails using a tiny needle to implant colour into your skin. The short answer to the question of whether it’s truly permanent is no. Permanent eyeliner will eventually disappear after a year or two, but it won’t wash off with the rest of your makeup at night. To be more precise, we would say that semi-permanent would be a better term.

If you’re wondering why regular tattoos fade away over time but permanent eyeliner eventually disappears, it’s because the color embedded in regular tattoos doesn’t go as deeply into your skin. Color is limited to the top surface layers. This is also the procedure used for microbladed brows, which usually fade.

What is the benefit of using permanent eyeliner?

To put it simply, permanent eyeliner will make your eyes pop and enhance your eyes without the need for pencils or liquid liners. Additionally, the procedure helps to improve the appearance of missing or light-colored lashes. Not only does permanent eyeliner save you time each morning, but it also saves you money from spending on eyeliner products.

Is a permanent eyeliner procedure painful?

Permanent eyeliners do not cause pain. The majority of clients complain about their eyelashes tickling them, but since numbing cream is applied consistently, there shouldn’t be any pain.

Are there any risks or side effects included in permanent eyeliner?

Though permanent eyeliner is a completely safe procedure, our clinic uses FDA-approved cosmetic technologies for the execution of the procedure. But swelling, bleeding, and bruises are examples of immediate side effects. Eventually, these side effects last for a few days.

Following the procedure, for at least 10 days, the colour of the eyeliner will usually appear much darker, which is quite normal.

How long can you expect the permanent eyeliner to last?

The best results from permanent makeup, such as tattooed eyeliner, last for roughly a year. It can last up to two or three years before you need to worry about touch-ups, depending on how well your eye holds the color.

The color will gradually and evenly fade down until the molecules all dissipate and you can do it again. It may appear as a soft greyish color once faded.

How does permanent eyeliner heal day by day?

First day: Your new eyeliner will appear to be a full hit!

The color of your eyeliner is about 30% darker now than it will be after it heals. In addition, it will seem a little bigger than it will be after a few days. This is a typical aspect of your healing process and is caused by color oxidation along with a tiny amount of swelling. Driving home and carrying on with your regular activities won’t pose any problems for you. Except for people you may know very well, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice you’ve had your eyeliner permanently done.

Days 2–3: As the pigment oxidises and thin scabs form, your colour will momentarily darken.

Although you might wake up a little puffy, sleeping will help. elevating yourself or using a cool compress. It won’t hurt, but your eyeliner will feel dry and tight.

Days 3–5: Until there is no more scabbing, your eyeliner will start to flake.

You want to let healing happen organically. It is typical for the colour to appear lighter, but it will eventually heal once all the scabbing has finished flaking. Your newly healed skin is concealing the true colour underneath, so this lighter color is only temporary. Your eyeliner colour will intensify over the course of the next few weeks.

Day 42: Your eyeliner is completely healed after six weeks.

You can now return for your follow-up appointment. This is where you can make any changes, like darkening the colour or changing the shape.

What after-cares are required to maintain the result of permanent eyeliner?

To maintain the look of permanent eyeliner, some maintenance is required. Touch-ups are probably necessary at a rate of once per year or so. Fading is caused by a variety of factors, including sun exposure, medications, diet, skincare products, and general lifestyle choices like not getting your skin wet. To extend the life of your permanent eyeliner, our technician shows you how to take care of it properly.


It is definitely worth choosing a permanent eyeliner, especially in the eEpiderma Clinic, where we provide skilled tattoo technicians and cosmetologists who provide treatment with complete safety and guarantee the desired result.

Moreover, opting for permanent eyeliner is a great option for those with busy lives who want to reduce the hassle of applying makeup every day. The permanent eyeliner is waterproof and resistant to smudges. It draws attention to the color and shape of your eyes without requiring traditional makeup eyeliners.

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