Is Protein and Biotin good or bad for your hair?

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Is Protein and Biotin good or bad for your hair?

What is Protein and Biotin Treatment?

 A Source of Vitamin for Your Hair Growth.

Let’s Take a Look on how this treatment can play a huge role in improving your hair’s health


Achieving strong and healthy hair is a goal for many of us. But hormonal changes, medical conditions, and ageing can lead to hair fall problems. In this blog post, we will explore the role of protein and biotin in hair health, their potential benefits, and important considerations to keep in mind.

What is the role of protein in hair health?

  1. Hair is primarily made up of a protein called keratin, which gives it strength and structure.
  2. Protein treatments can help replenish and repair damaged hair by supplying the necessary building blocks for healthy hair growth.
  3. Different protein treatments, such as masks, conditioners, or leave-in treatments, can be used to improve the overall strength, elasticity, and appearance of the hair.

Why is protein in the hair reduced over time?

  1. Not having enough vitamins in the hair can affect its health.
  2. Iron deficiency can also impact the hair.
  3. Genetic issues can also make the hair rough and decrease the protein.
  4. Not regularly washing hair can lead to a reduction of protein in the hair.

What Should You Keep in Mind Before Opting for Protein Treatment for Hair?

  1. Consult with a hair care specialist to determine the appropriate protein treatment for your specific hair type and needs.
  2. Don’t overuse protein or biotin treatments, as excessive protein can make the hair dry and cause breakage. That is why our hair doctor provides you with the session required for your hair.

Procedure for protein and biotin treatment for hair:

The protein/biotin treatment for hair is carried out in the following procedures:

  1. At first, red light therapy is given, which radiates rays into the scalp tissue, encouraging hair growth.
  2. Micrchanneling is done into the scalp, which renews damaged hair follicles and adds nutrients to the hair, which ultimately leads to healthy hair growth.
  3. Protein, or biotin, is injected into the scalp to prevent dryness and make the hair stronger from the roots.

Benefits of Protein Treatments for Hair:

  1. Strengthens weak and damaged hair strands, reducing breakage and split ends.
  2. Improves hair elasticity, making it less prone to damage from styling or environmental factors.
  3. Smoothens the cuticle, resulting in shinier and more manageable hair.
  4. Restores moisture balance, particularly for protein-deprived hair.

Why is biotin beneficial for improving hair health?

  1. Biotin is a B-vitamin that plays a role in various body improvements, including hair growth.
  2. Adequate biotin levels are necessary for maintaining healthy hair.

What changes in hair are possible after the treatment?

Biotin treatment for hair is proven to give the hair a more healthy and thick look. Most importantly, you will notice more hair growth and less hair fall. Due to the protein, the hair looks softer and shinier.

Is the result of protein or biotin treatment for hair permanent?

The treatment is executed in sessions. To prevent hair loss, at least four sessions are required. But a minimum of 7-8 sessions are needed to get a complete result and improvement in hair texture.

Is protein or biotin treatment ideal for everyone?

It is a safe procedure for treating hair loss conditions; therefore, it is completely safe and suitable for everyone.

What aftercare is required post-protein or biotin treatment for hair?

  1. You are advised to apply shampoo and oil as prescribed by the doctor.
  2. You will need to take hair supplements to maintain your hair in the future.
  3. Do not blow-dry or use iron on the hair to prevent dryness.
  4. Keep the hair moisturised and clean.

Why should one choose eEpiderma Clinic for protein and biotin treatment for hair?

One should choose our clinic if they are dealing with excess hair loss and want to promote healthy hair growth because our clinic provides the best and safest hair growth treatment. We provide the best and most board-certified hair specialists who examine the hair conditions and provide suitable treatment according to the type and condition of the hair an individual has.


Protein and biotin treatments can be very effective for strengthening and repairing damaged hair, while biotin may play a role in maintaining overall hair health. However, it’s necessary to understand your hair’s specific needs and problems by consulting with a hair specialist before opting for a protein or biotin treatment.

It’s important to remember that consistent healthy hair care practices, a balanced diet, and overall wellness can help to maintain strong and beautiful hair by preventing hair loss.

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