Laser Fat Reduction Treatment in Asansol - Durgapur

Laser Fat Reduction Treatment in Asansol - Durgapur

Excess weight on certain parts of your body can trigger our self-confidence and make us feel insecure about our body image. Moreover, it is important to reduce excess fat in our body in order to prevent the risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, etc.

In this article, we will share information about how you can reduce body fat using our best non-surgical procedures that assure complete safety and no risk.

What is laser fat reduction?

One non-invasive method of body sculpting is laser fat reduction through the process of laser lipolysis. It eliminates trace amounts of fat. This process permanently eliminates fat cells from your body, much like surgical liposuction does. However, laser fat reduction is far less painful, and the healing process is also simpler and takes less time. There’s also less chance of loose skin afterward.

Let’s know about the procedure for laser fat reduction

The laser liposuction procedure is a quick procedure that can be done within 30 minutes, and you can immediately resume your regular activities. Anesthesia is not used in this process.

During the procedure, your doctor will attach paddle-like applicators to the area to be treated in order to perform the laser “lipo.” Heat from the paddles heats the fat cells beneath your skin by penetrating them. The fat cells begin to degrade due to heat-induced damage to their membranes. The dead cells are then absorbed by your body.

Approximately six weeks are needed to observe the full impact of the treatment. Following that, you ought to notice sculpting in the treated area. For the best results, some patients require multiple treatments.

Does laser liposuction eliminate fat from any area of the body?

The laser liposuction eliminates fat from the following body areas:

  1. Abdomen
  2. Buttocks
  3. Hips
  4. Knees
  5. Neck
  6. Upper Arms
  7. Waist
  8. Inner and outer thighs.

Why is laser fat reduction more beneficial than other surgical procedures?

The outcomes of laser fat reduction are comparable to those of traditional liposuction. Because of its less invasive techniques, recovering from the procedure is made easier. Laser liposuction has certain risks, but the side effects are minimal and include swelling and redness.

Additionally, there is a slight chance that incisions made during laser-assisted liposuction will become infected. Lasers encourage the synthesis of collagen. Skin sagging or laxity over the fat deposits can persist after standard liposuction.

Is the result of laser fat reduction permanent?

The effects of laser lipolysis usually last for a long time. Nevertheless, if you put on weight, the tightening and slimming effects disappear.

How can you know that you are suitable for laser fat reduction?

People who are good candidates for laser lipolysis are those who:

  1. Are generally in good health.
  2. Avoid smoking or give up weeks before starting treatment.
  3. Set reasonable expectations for their performance.

Who is recommended to avoid doing laser fat reduction?

Laser fat reduction may not be ideal for the following individuals:

  1. A person dealing with obesity
  2. Have loose or saggy skin.
  3. Medical issues like diabetes, heart disease, or liver disease.

What risks are involved in laser fat reduction?

The risks associated with laser lipolysis are typically low, and complications are rare. You should talk to your doctor about the risks involved with the kind of treatment you are receiving.

When undergoing noninvasive laser lipolysis, you might momentarily:

  1. Redness.
  2. Swelling and
  3. Soreness.

How can you maintain yourself after the laser fat reduction procedure?

Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions following laser lipolysis. You might receive instructions on how to take care of your incision after minimally invasive laser lipolysis. You might also need to wear:

  1. A tiny tube to drain fluid and reduce swelling is placed close to your incision.
  2. Compress clothing to improve your outcomes and hasten your healing process.

In conclusion, laser fat reduction is definitely worth choosing if you want to quickly eliminate fat from a particular area of your body without opting for any surgical procedure. This procedure is one of the best body contouring techniques that gives you your desired, contoured body shape.

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